Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I had this idea. My friend with memory problems that she is working on fairly successfully? I thought to make plans with her. How would that plot work out? And, I thought, the sooner the better.

I looked at a good old Google map and picked a point half way between our dwellings which happened to be St. John, New Brunswick. I'm about 1,500km from there and so is she. I have to catch the winter ferry as the seasonal summer ferry won't start in time for the trip. So that entails a road trip across the island of around 900km, give or take.

I love road trips, so does she.

I managed to find a cabin on the river for us to share for a week. Staggeringly reasonable. it includes breakfast.

On my way to St. John I also booked in for 2 days with a friend who has a cottage in Cape Breton not too far from where the ferry decants me in North Sidney.

She's planning a dinner party and gathering her Inverness clan to meet me. They all sound wonderful, writers and artists galore.

Then I head off from her place to St. John to meet my Toronto friend.

So I leave on the 12th of June.

I feel this trip is very important.

And it truly has been a carpe diem thing organizing it all.


  1. How wonderful. I hope you enjoy every minute!

  2. YAY!!!!! Go for it WWW and enjoy, relax, enjoy! As well as carpe diem - and this applies to all of us: "Life is uncertain - eat dessert first"! :)

  3. Oh do enjoy yourself my dear lady. It's always good to meet up with old friends. You deserve this trip. I'll be thinking of you lounging around and seeing the sites.

  4. Any time you can plan an adventure is a good thing. Wishing you well on this one.

  5. Sounds and looks wonderful. Nothing like independent travel and a change of venue to get the energy and sense of freedom flowing. You have a meaningful mission. I wish you the best and am impressed by the planning and teamwork. Kim in PA (USA)

  6. You have a great motivation for this trip and it sounds like it will be two nice reunions.

  7. Wonderful. I wish that I could undertake something as exciting as that here!

  8. Sounds good. As you say, carpe diem. A good thing you enjoy road trips though - I would hesitate over such a long journey!

  9. I came here to get book ideas before my long flight, I can depend on you our tastes are very similar. I am happy you have this trip to look forward to, best thing you can do is travel and meet people you like. Alena


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