Friday, May 18, 2018

The Adoration of Sally

I mentioned in my previous post an 84 year old resident of my building I'll call Sally whose 6 daughters take turns in taking her out each night for dinner.

Our weather has been consistently so glorious that all our windows are open to the front courtyard where Sally gets dropped.

I'd missed some afternoon excursions, obviously, as I'd only heard and then observed the after dinner drop-offs.

It's always hard to miss the laughter when Sally gets decanted by one of her six daughters.

Today at three p.m. she launches out of a red sports car clutching a pair of black pumps in her hand and flaunting her sparkling new bright blue running shoes.

"They're fine, see?" Sally stands on the pavement and flexes one foot at the daughter driving.

"Just as long as they're comfy," replies her daughter, "I can always get you another pair."

"Ah, no need for that," Sally says, "Until I wear them out running around."

"Who's turn is it to take you tonight for supper?"

"I forget," says Sally,"But one always shows up and I'll be ready. I should wear a tracksuit to match the new runners, right?"

I am obviously fascinated by Sally as she is completely oblivious to this charmed life she leads and treats her daughters as mild nuisances for I've seen her bat them away on the stairs (she scorns the elevator) when they follow her up, telling them she's got plans that don't include them and to go home. They look literally crushed with disappointment that they can't spend more time with her.

Of all my neighbours on this floor, she is by far the happiest, the joy exudes from her.

I must sit down with her and hear her life story.


  1. Yes, I would love to hear her story. Also makes all of us more aware of how we are seen by those who come in our contact. I would like people to think of me as one of the happiest. Certainly don't want to be seen as one of the angriest.

  2. That's wonderful! Look forward to her life story!

  3. What a wonderful family this woman has made. and she's having a wonderful life. I suspect you'll enjoy chatting her up, and possibly meeting her daughters.

  4. Your posts are vividly wonderful to read and music to the ears. I appreciate your writing style. Thank you for sharing. You always give us something to think about! Kind regards, Kim in PA (USA)

  5. You must. It is rare to find such a person with such children and I am sure that the story will be fascinating.

  6. I wish my children lived a bit closer but they do call often. My son comes out from Alberta twice a year and while he is here he repairs anything he feels needs fixing. My daughter is closer and we speak often throughout the week but she works two jobs and it's hard to get time together. She does make a point to get out here at least once a month to have a "Mom Day". But I am blessed. Two of my grandchildren, 18 and 23, live close by and they stop by often. Mostly just to chat or ask for advice.

    We all find a way to try and stay in touch. Love is such a precious thing. Your neighbour is quite lucky to have family who care about her so deeply in a time when seniors are often forgotten.

    Take care WWW.

  7. She sounds a completely remarkable lady- my guess also is that she is small and wiry since these are the kind of people who generally seem to stay active for longest.

  8. You are very observant. I am sure you could create a whole story about this neighbour. Wouldn’t be interesting to compare the imagined with reality.

    My Mother lived till 93 and found pleasure in so many things. When I visited she will send me away after an hour or so. My sister and I decided it was because she wanted us to take time for ourselves and if our visits were not drawn out that we would return soon without any guilt about a short visit. My Mother was a clever lady, and much loved.
    I read about your feelings of sadness. I am glad you are reaching out for help. I know it can take a lot of energy to take that step.
    Have fun on your trip. I look forward to hearing of your observations and discoveries.
    All the best.
    Regards Janine

  9. Have you sat down with her? will you? can you report on it?


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