Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Notoriety and Backlash of Unwashed Dishes

So the media coverage on this has been phenomenal and we will be featured in a TV programme airing tonight.

We are prepping for the official launch tomorrow and more elders in poverty are coming forward with their stories.

So I'm keeping you all in the loop, my dear blog buds.

I completely forgot to take pics of the camera crew and set up of the 2 hour interview yesterday. Swept up in all the attention and trying to remember how to speak my words. This has been bigger than we ever hoped to achieve.

Today we rehearse and gather our props (more on that later) and gear and handouts and organize the presentation in both a humourous and heart plucking way. Difficult. More on that when it is behind us.

But meanwhile, here are the two piles of dishes that were bathed in my loving suds this morning.

So very grounding.

So very real.


  1. so proud of you and thank you to your words sent to me.
    blessings sent your way and oh how I wish you lived near.

  2. Congratulations. You deserve it. Nice dishes.

  3. Huge congratulations. And those dishes say it all. How many men appearing on televsion go home to do the dishes? I strongly suspect most have a woman behind them...

  4. This is rather exciting, from afar. You can really make a difference. Good luck if it hasn't happened already.

  5. You make us proud of the difference you're attempting to make for the voiceless.

  6. I like your dishes, they are as unmatched and slightly shambolic as mine are!

    Seriously though, I appreciate your efforts on behalf of a very ignored group and I hope it brings great reward, both the reward of contributing and in actual change made.

  7. Some of those dishes are very pretty. I'm often, well, sometimes the one who cleans up too. I make the mistake of telling people I quite enjoy washing dishes.

  8. I am delighted for you that the launch has gone off well. My best wishes that SOS succeeds in its mission.

  9. I seem to have found my way back to you on Blogger. I cursed and swore at my phone and threw it round the room several times till it finally gave up the fight and is letting me comment! Lovely to be back. x

  10. Hope the launch went well. A two-hour interview is quite something.

  11. I'm so pleased to know that all is going so well - and so well deserved WWW!


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