Monday, August 26, 2019

Oh Me Nerves!

We launch our Support our Seniors activist group this Thursday. The preparation has been exhausting and exhilarating all at once. I curse my mobility issues at times. I want to be bouncing around as in the olden days, plastering up posters and engaging citizens on this crisis of seniors (mainly women) living below the poverty line.

I launched the Facebook page. I prepared posters both large and small. My partner in crime secured all the links for our data, oh the statistical data. Binders and binders of it. She did the running around to community centres and grocery stores slapping them up. A younger media savvy friend gave me every single media contact she had in her precious index.

Grandgirl designed the logo. Isn't it smashing? Sinking below the wave of poverty with a lifebelt hovering above out of reach.

Do you think T-shirts are called for?

Some of the seniors in my building are energized with this, like they've come to life outside of the cliquey, gossipy circles in the gardens and community rooms. This can only be a good thing. We've deliberately held some of our meetings, including a rehearsal, in the building and I can see them lurking and listening from the balcony. (We truly have a gorgeous building and gardens, I must take photos)

So fingers crossed, I won't be webbing much in the next few days apart from wrangling new members for our FB group, but I'll get around to reading y'all soon.

I found this meme on the web and it speaks to my heart.


  1. The logo is stunning and yes, T-shirts are most decidedly called for.

  2. Good luck! It sounds as if you have some good people supporting this. And definitely a T-shirt. Will be anxious to hear how it all goes.

  3. Good luck and best wishes. I think your SOS movement will be successful.

  4. Or a pin on button, you could wear it on a purse or anything else you have on.

  5. Absolutey T Shirts and key chains too...some inexpensive that can be handed out on the street.

  6. Good luck with the new group. It's sorely needed, I'm sure. The quote from Dr Tate says it all - discrimination against women from the cradle to the grave.

  7. Absolutely t-shirts, buttons, bookmarks... Anything which will get this important (and too often overlooked) cause out there. Look after yourself. Please. That quote is sadly, painfully true the world over.

  8. It's interesting how your fellow residents are showing interest. Yes, please do take some photos to show us, when you have time.

  9. Well, well, this bodes well. I'm on TV tomorrow (Tuesday).

    Updates later.


    1. Good advertising there.Good for you . Yes ,photos if you can.
      Maybe shopping bags with logo, useful afterwards as well.

  10. I love the logo and think t-shirts would be a good idea, but will they sell? Senior poverty is rife worldwide.

  11. The logo is perfect - I'd like to grab onto the lifesaver. Yes, a shame that the problem of women in poverty is worldwide! I'd vote for buttons rather than t-shirts but that's personal taste. Good luck and terrific work.

  12. Such a good cause, WWW! Congratulations! The logo is "just right", simple and exactly to the point. Lapel badges would be good for any who are not into tee-shirts, and would not pose the same problem of sizes (to avoid waste - of $$$$$ and of materials).
    :) Go get 'em WWW! ((( )))


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