Sunday, September 19, 2021

I am not my body

This was my morning meditation today. I needed it. I just open the book randomly and there they are, these nuggets of wisdom that I need to embrace to empower my day.

I needed the reminder as my failing body sometimes seems to dominate my personality.

My inner self is far, far different to my body.

She is creative, compassionate, caring, considerate.

And those are just the "c" words.

So in light of this lesson reinforced, I bring you these as a kind of Sunday Selections. Go visit Elephant's Child every Sunday for her take on this meme.  All pictures below are mine.

From the deck of my former home.

From the beach in front of my old home.

Every night was a different story.

Fishing boats coming in after sunset with their catch of the day.


  1. Thank you (so very much) for your serene and lovely selections. As I scrolled though I could feel my shoulders drop.

  2. Nice photos -- your inner body is creative indeed!

  3. Luscious photos. What a great view. The fishing boat name is somewhat pretentious.

  4. The older we get, the less our body reflects who we are, I think. The people worth bothering with will find out whats inside.

    Lovely sunsets.

  5. I would love to be able to sit and watch the fishing boats come in at dusk.

  6. Striking photos -- calming scenes to view with lots of memories I expect.

  7. Wonderful photos. I too come from a coastal town, and that fishong boat was pure nostalgia. Thank you.

  8. As you are probably aware, I am a Vedantin and we know that we are not the Body, Mind and Intellect complex. What we are are Witnesses to whatever happens. It is a matter to be understood and experienced.

    Lovely photographs.

  9. Very nice views from your former home. Love them all.

  10. Beautiful photos and a great meditation. Lukas is so far getting his pills down, keeping fingers crossed.

  11. Gorgeous. Hard not to feel peaceful looking at those.


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