Friday, September 03, 2021

Those Things That Are Not True (for me)

Not in any particular order - only as they occur to me.

 (1) You have to meet her/him, they're an absolute hoot!

(2) Religion is good.

(3) One needs religion to live a moral and ethical life.

(4) Diets

(5) You'll constantly miss your country if you're an emigrant from it.

(6) Miracles

(7) Intelligent Design

(8) Bootstraps (as in poverty is one's own fault).

(9) Interfering/invading in countries not your own working out well for all concerned.

(10) Gender (an artificial social construct)

(11) Minimum wage (should be a living wage, n'est pas?)

(12) Government interference in women's bodily autonomy.

(13) Corporate health care but only for those who can afford it.

I'll think of more I'm sure but that's it for now.


  1. Absolutely no argument from me. I can remember being infuriated (to put it mildly) when a blogger told me that without religion I couldn't behave in an ethical way.
    Another one that is true for me is that thinking positively is not a panacea. Sometimes I need to face up to the ugliness before I can move past it.

  2. If you have been thinking about it since, you are probably up to over one hundred by now.

  3. I won't argue with you, except for #6. I can think of a few miracles I've had in my life.

  4. #3 absolutely not
    #5 no
    #11 yes
    #12 absolutely not

  5. Welcome to the club. We are kindred souls.

  6. Dear Wisewebwoman and Friends, we just had a (financial) morality training video over at the office. Basically, what may be signs of fraud being committed. About the first two minutes into the video, we were told: that most people don't even consider the (immoral) action of cooking the books... that is, unless they're having major problems (for whatever reason) paying their bills. Yep, when trouble happens, morality can go out the window, real quick. It's tough enough for redeemed (in Christ alone, on Christ's terms, alone) people to stay on moral track, let alone lost people. Have a great weekend.

  7. Well you know I am religious but I agree with youon everything else, including that no religion is needed to live an ethical and moral life.
    I struggle a little with the gender thing, I am onboard with gender fluidity and all the variations there are, I'm just not really exposed to it and a little uncomfortable. Hopefully I would manage to cover my discomfort if neccessary and grow to a place of complete acceptance

  8. You've certainly covered a lot of ground there. I hope you are feeling better?

  9. Some popular so-called truisms are not necessarily so for me either, as I see some in your list you reject, too.

  10. Yeah. I have known ethical religious people, but I always feel they are ethical in spite of their religion.


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