Sunday, December 19, 2021


Sunrise from my window a few mornings ago, the deep crimson red was breathtaking and the phone-photo doesn't quite capture it. That's an owl (my spirit animal) pendant - a gift - on the window. It captures the light and moves a rainbow across my floor every day when the sun shines.

We soldier on. In spite of. Because of.

Or do we? I confess to being absolutely knackered by the latest cases of Covid with one case of Omicron here, contained, but hey. Anybody else feeling a sense of gloom and defeat?

I mean we can sway in the wind from time to time and shrug and carry on and then at others feel like crawling into bed and staying there as The Plague, in all its iterations, takes over the planet and thumbs its nose at us. Even those of us fairly safe with an abundance of caution and the health experts taking control of protocols and not the politicians. Like here in my province, Newfoundland. 

It's not good news out of Ireland and the UK and Ontario, Canada, et al. I haven't checked the US lately, I'm hoping you guys are OK with the New Man in charge. Australia has this abundance of caution thing going as well.

Meanwhile in my country of birth, the prime minister has admitted to being "worried" as Omicron gallops through his country with no end in sight. And old Boris in the UK is folding, it looks like.

So we all agreed yesterday, the writing workshop keeps us going like never before and all the writing is remarkable. It's a great way of losing one's self, immersing in an imaginary plague-free world.

I watched For Life which was on Netflix here. Quite good.

I watched some of the Irish series  Single Handed not bad so far. On Amazon Prime here.  Great views of the old sod and seascapes. For those of you not Irish, turn on CC. The accents come flying at you quickly.

Reading Anxious People (Fredrik Backman) who wrote A Man Called Ove which I loved. It's very unusual. And I'll reserve my review until finished.


  1. The thing bumming me out the most right now is hearing about all the people flocking to the airports, when it's obvious none of us should be travelling right now or for at least the next few weeks. I'm disappointed in human foolishness, and chagrined that the ticker tape running across the bottom of the news channel screen Scott had on this morning said "Saskatchewan people leaving province in droves for holidays" (paraphrased). #EmbarrassedAboutMyNeighbours

  2. I really, really like Fredrik Backman's work - and loved Anxious People. I will be interested to read your final judgement.
    One tiny step at a time here.
    I am so glad that your writing group is bringing joy to all of the participants. Joy and creativity. Win/win.

  3. I’m going to try Anxious People and Single Handed. Quite frankly I lost interest in For Life after a few episodes. Different strokes. I just finished The Great (Prime Video) and absolutely loved it. The last scene of the last episode was perfect. Here we are having Highest Numbers Ever of new Covid cases. They’ve given up on contact tracing, telling people to do their own. Joy to the World.

  4. Just grim resignation as numbers explode around us.

  5. I read "A Man Called Ove" and was in tears at the end. Can't fail to recommend a book that makes me cry! I will look for his other books at the library, thanks for the recommendation. Still staying safe here in Ontario - got my booster on Friday.

  6. Hah! Australia has thrown caution to the winds, opening state borders and now the Omicron version is running rampant. we had a silly 19 year old waiting for his test result, but instead of waiting at home, he decided to go to a city nightclub, and when his phone received a message that he WAS in fact positive, he stayed there and kept partying. god knows how many people are now infected from that and how many suburbs they had come from, close contacts has to be in the hundreds for sure.
    I'm making plans to spend 2022 at home again just like 2020 and 2021. Bah Humbug!

  7. I find it strange that you do not comment on momentous things happening in Canada like this one:

  8. You seem to read a lot. Good for you. Hope things improve in Ireland. Here in Hawaii, the case count is surging again.

  9. Thank goodness for books to distract us from the never-ending pandemic. And yes, your writing workshop has a similar function.

    I agree with Stubblejumper that we shouldn't be flying except for absolutely unavoidable travel. Obviously flying is spreading the virus across the world.

  10. You're doing well with filling your time. So good to having you feeling so much better than you did for a while reflected in your writing here.

    We're preparing for an expected surge here in SoCal, especially after Christmas with so many people trying to force a "back to normal" with group get-togethers. Thinking of world events, so out of our control, can be overwhelming. The situation seems surreal to me in many ways, coinciding coincidentally with my being less active, too, but I keep my mind healthily active. I do miss the writing group of a few years ago. So much uncertainty around us.


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