Monday, December 27, 2021

What Love Looks Like

My old shopping cart, absolutely essential to my hauling groceries into this long-winded building, gave up the ghost on the day before Christmas Eve. It owed me nothing, I bought it when I moved in here 4 years ago for $10 at the Thrift Store. I think the shopping clerk took another $5 off the prices as it had a strip of duct-tape and a streak of paint adorning it. I mentioned its sad demise, well earned though it was, to Daughter.

Well, lo and behold, when she arrived later on she rolled in with a brand new shopping cart. And casually mentioned the lineup at Canadian Tire for its purchase was over an hour which is what made her late. We are both adverse to any kind of shopping so this was a magnificent act of love.

I am rich in books this season, all carefully selected and beautifully wrapped as we honour the Icelandic tradition of a book exchange, called Jolabokaflod That's a piece of knitting I'm working on on top of it and a gorgeous candle sent by my next door neighbour. The book gifts keep giving and giving and we also wrap ours in tea towels rather than the waste of decorative paper.

We were having such a great family time on Christmas Day that we forgot to take pictures.

I managed two.

This is of the kids' table which has my mother's embroidered table cloth on it. Before she died she managed to embroider a tablecloth for each one of her six children. They are treasured. Niece now has her dad's.

This is of Niece's kitchen as her dad and herself slogged away, carving and serving. Her husband had to work late on Christmas Day.

One of the best gifts I received was Brother (who had inherited my dad's enormous post card collection) giving me the ones I had sent him over the years. I will write more about these later. As Daughter is a hardcore postcardist, she is over the moon with this collection which I will give to her once I get through it and post here about some of the more interesting ones. 

Sending love to my readers and their families. 'Tis the season.


  1. Standing in a queue for an hour is DEFINITELY an act of love. And hooray for book exchanges...

  2. Post cards are so interesting, especially if they have a decent amount of writing on them.

    It sounds like you had a very good Christmas.

  3. What a sensible gift - it will be well used I'm sure. Grandkids got books from me but I included the receipt just in case I made the wrong choices. Teenagers are very hard to shop for!

  4. I hate to thinkof anybody saving the post cards I sent them, I'm sure they were beyond boring.
    Your Christmas is full of links to the past, do you think it strengthens family bonds?

  5. So handy to get a new shopping cart right away. I like the idea of wrapping books in teatowels. I remember my mum wrapping gifts in teatowels, pillowcases, sheets etc, so that I could begin my "glory box" and she had to tell me what that was as I had no idea.

  6. I love the thought your family puts into gifting and giving books. Happy New Year to you.

  7. All in all a pleasurable festive time. My best wishes that you stay happy.

  8. I had to click on your link to Jolabokaflod to find out what it is ... and to appreciate how the Christmas flood is such a great tradition.

  9. A book wrapped in a tea towel sounds like the perfect gift. We migth take up this tradition. And echoing EC standing in line is an act of love. Merry Christmas!

  10. Tis the season all right! Loved your photos and the camaraderie. Cheers!


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