Friday, January 14, 2022


One of Ernestine's photos.

A dear old blog friend died the other day. She lived to a good age - 87 - but had many trials and tribulations with her health over the years.

I learned much about aging from her. I also learned much about acceptance and making the best of one's days. And simple recipes and saying hello to mornings. Each one a gift. She loved her truck (she was a tiny woman) and her thrift shopping and worked hard on her beautiful garden and found inner peace.

Her photography was gorgeous, she lived on the edge of a farm with her dog, Callie, and resisted (my how she resisted!) being packed off to an assisted living facility. But her poor body finally gave in. She went quiet for a while but her youngest daughter kept us all abreast of her condition and outlook.

We exchanged wee gifts and books over the years. I particularly loved the handmade soap she sent me.

Thank you Ernestine, as you soar with the stars. 

You left footprints on my heart.


  1. Thank you Mary for this post.
    Ernestine's was one of the first blogs I began to read after I retired, as yours still is; in fact it was the stalwart trio of yourself, Ernestine and the magnificent Ronni Bennett in Portland, Oregon that rewarded me with a genuine feeling of friendship that reading someone's blog year after year brings.
    Her cottage in the woods, her family, her photos of the quiet life she chose.
    The world is a little duller today.

    1. Yes. Don't know when I started but read Ronni and Ernestine also. For years they were a part of my day.

  2. What a beautiful tribute. I am also sure, you being you, that she knew how much you loved her.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Glad that she lived life on her own terms.

  4. Another good friend gone. Very sad.

  5. I feel your sorrow through these words. What a wonderful photo to accompagny this.

  6. Ernestine sounds like she was quite something. The photo is such a great capture of a busy bird scene.

  7. "You left footprints on my heart"
    What more could either of you hope for?

    A lovely tribute

  8. Definitely footprints on the heart. The photo is fabulous.

  9. It's a lovely photo, are they cardinals?
    Footprints on my heart is a nice goodbye.

  10. I was sorry to read this sad news. I hadn't checked her blog this new year. Ernestine's energy and spirit were a joy and her appreciation for even the smallest things was a reminder to practice gratitude. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to our friend in Nashville ~

  11. Love the photo, the way she bled out the background color and brought up the red. That's talent. Sorry to hear that she's gone.

  12. Sorry to hear about Ernestine. Great lady.

  13. Our blogging friends are as dear to us as our personally met friends. So much caring and mutual support over the years counts for a lot. You were lucky to have her, and I'm lucky to have you. -Kate

  14. I think losing blogging friends can be very sad, but we can be glad we had them for awhile. One of the most difficult aspects of aging is losing family and friends which increases the older we become.


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