Sunday, September 24, 2023


A couple of the definitions (brief):

misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.
"a cult of personality surrounding the leaders" 
a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

I am continuously surprised at those who can't understand those who worship Trump, who will put this criminal in charge of their very lives in the next presidential election in the US in spite of the indictments, the foiled impeachments, the 91 criminal charges. A man who exhibits contempt for them at every opportunity and spews venom and revenge rather than policy in every pathetic "speech." Who all believe it when he says he is doing it all for them as when they come for him they are "coming for you."

We have seen all this before in the cult of Hitler, the cult of Mussolini.

But more importantly for me, I observe it in the cult of the RC church. I am continuously astonished that despite all the evidence that it is and was a cult of rampant paedophilia endorsed by the Vatican in constant cover-ups and denials with victims thrown to the kerbs, and hundreds of thousands of children's lives destroyed forever, many continue to worship and donate and entrust children to be educated by this monstrous organization.

So the cult of Trump I completely understand.

Cult Psychology.
Experts who study cults suggest the human need for comfort prompts people to seek out others or things to soothe their fears and anxieties. Research suggests that these elements and others have led hundreds of thousands of people to commit to of cults operating around the world.

With RCism, it is the promise of suffering here on earth which will guarantee you rewards in the afterlife.  Like all religions. But we need your money.

With Trump, he is the sacrifical lamb on the altar of Deep State. But even though bragging he's got billions of his own he desperately needs your money to save him.

Bottom line is, of course, that it's all about money and the poorest of the poor are usually the ones who give it. Willingly, hopefully, thinking that their lives will be somehow improved, that the ones leading them by the nose will "save" them from the boogey man who lurks everywhere ready to pounce.





  1. Brains like porridge, they have. Brains like cold porridge. I realize this is not an intelligent or articulate explanation on my part, but still ... porridge brains. -Kate

  2. Huge sigh. I was (luckily) not exposed to the cult of religion (any religion) growing up. And watch them in horror and dismay.

  3. Thoughts ? I have lots of them but honestly when I think about this my mind just goes crazy. Both of these are cults. I told my husband you just can't explain it. The other side listens to a different ballgame and they are immersed in it. Hard to believe in 2024 we have to worry about this again....

  4. My father abandoned RC when he was 12. My mother was raised in a non religious home, and we four children were raised by their precepts. Religion is all about the money.

  5. It is unfortunate that the poorest people are dragged into these cults and pay. Can't people just think, what did Trump do that was good during his term of office, never mind his crimes.

  6. It isn't only money, how many Catholic families have too many children, because contraception and abortions are sins in the eyes of "God"? Children they can't afford to properly feed and clothe yet every week they add dollars to the collection plates in church.

  7. It is a cult to be sure, and it is alive and well. Maybe they’ll all drink koolaid!

  8. A very interesting blog post and sad to think that in the name of God some of these people think they're doing good. I despair of all the celebrates asking for money on TV when they live in the lap of luxury.

  9. A colleague of mine would swear that Trump is the only president who did any good at all. It boggles my mind.
    I think people continue to send their children to Catholic schools because they somehow believe it's a better education. Certainly church schools have freedom to expel difficult students, a behaviour management strategy government schools don't have.
    I think people who grow up worshipping in a given style usually like to continue with that style or stop completely so that may explain why people continue to worship with the RCs.
    A cult of child abuse? well I suspect the Roman catholic Church is a cult of power, greed and selfishness with child abuse being just one of the favoured outcomes.

  10. Well, I don't understand those who worship Trump. After all the sexual misconduct, all the criminal charges, all the gratuitous abuse of people he dislikes, all the nonsense about the election being stolen, still huge numbers of people support him. It's unfathomable. And yes, why do so many people still support the Catholic church despite all the sexual scandals?

  11. Trump's popularity is horrifying. Just horrifying. The fact that this man, who is such a liar, cheat, everything you've heard, is so popular, is beyond belief. Also horrifying is that so few Republican members of Congress (maybe none, unless they're retiring of course) speak out against his obvious insanity, racism, and criminality. It sickens me. The path this country is on is so sad. I do what I can, in any small way, to combat the right-wing agenda.

  12. I should mention I am astonished at those whom I have known as critical thinkers admire all Trump was and is, but also contribute to the RCs on a regular basis. I have lost friendships over this as I have been attacked for not seeing "reality" as I am a leftwing godless pinko commie tree hugger.

    1. They weren’t friendships worth cannot be moral and decent and like trump. Mary

  13. I have really marveled at just how stupid people have become and I wonder if it’s a de evolution of sorts.
    People voting for the very people who couldn’t care less about them and will do everything that will hurt them and their families. A lot of this falls on Fox News and their ilk, but accountability for not doing any research or following a cult leader like he is a god, is on the person.

    As for religion, RC or not, for me it’s all fantasy written eons ago before there was science or education and the inability to face reality and the need to be judgmental and righteous. They’d be happier just doing good things for people and not lording their particular beliefs over others to feel powerful.

  14. Mary, above..not anonymous


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