Friday, January 25, 2008

The Call

Healy Pass, Beara Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland.

I wrote a while ago about the massacre in the land of my maternal ancestors

This morning I was going about my busy day and a little lost in thought, I was gazing outside at the trees and the strongest feeling came over me and I encapsulated my thoughts in the following words:


This morning
The eyes in the trees
Focussed clearly on me.

Begging my return
To my mother’s land.

Barren, beatific.
Just like she left it

And I will so.

I hadn't planned a trip to Ireland but it seems like Ireland has planned a trip for me.

As I grow older, I respect intuition more and more. More of us should. It gets drowned in modern life, in the wanting of material stuff, the sidetracking into the inconsequential, the gathering, grooming and guarding of the meaningless.

Obviously, Beara has something to teach me. I need to show up for the lesson.


  1. Beautiful,heartfelt sentiments WWW. I loved reading your writing.

    I too believe in following my intuition. Consciously sitting, gazing out of the window, drifting thoughts weaving a wondrous web of oppotunities.

  2. Thanks, H. Yes, the truly awesome ideas and thoughts and memories and the creative force only comes when we are "idle".
    Thanks for your words.

  3. Yes, I also believe we should pay attention to our intuition and not let the frenzy of modern life overwhelm it. Quite often your intuition leads you in a direction that seems strange but actually is exactly what your psyche needs. Beara's a lovely spot, I went there a few years back.

  4. Calling of a place from our past, or even ancestors. Never thought about it before. This morning "googled" Sundance Camping, as I knew it from 30 odd years ago, as a kid and grew up literally camping there every year. I haven't been there for over 10 years and really thought they would have sold it by now and some bejillion star resort where Russians would be hanging out enjoying all you can buffet and wasting away loads of food... To my surprise, it has not changed a bit, well except for addition of a few tree houses and bungalows, it's same old place. I had such a yearning to go back, where my grandmother taught me a lot of things including how to swim, put up a tent, live in the wild in harmony with everything. Ahhh WWW dear, please let me know when this trip of yours to Ireland is planned.

  5. Nick:
    I also believe that Beara is rooted in the female side of our natures, the goddess and fertility, I must do some more research. Delighted you have been there too!!

  6. I really believe, Gaye that there is a mainly disregarded "cellular memory" deep in our bones that calls us if we are not buried under the allure of Great Distractions. Where is Sundance Camping? What lovely memories!

  7. pleas support the lisbon treaty for your great country ireland. There are a number of jedi in both brussels and your green part who are looking out for europe and your country. this will allow true peace and justice to reign on your great nation as a jedi republic



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