Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Picture is of Cape Spear, Newfoundland, August 2007

I felt like pluralizing the above title but decided against it, why contribute to further deterioration of the language - and at my crusty age I should feel ashamed of the temptation.

Answers to life's puzzles come in their own good time. Like the ongoing teaser of the great R puzzle. Now resolved. A further conversation with him last night showed his heart very clearly is in another direction. My investment in the whole thing was entirely removed this morning when he forwarded me a Christian YouTube film about this 13 year old boy whose elderly cow gave birth to a calf and broke her back in the effort. He had to shoot the old cow but as he stood there afterwards in grief the voice of God came into his head to tell him that God had endured the loss of His Only Son so could understand the sorrow.

I was snapped into reality really, really quickly. My mind riffed off on this. God voices in the head have gotten the world into a lot of trouble. See George Bush and his God calling him into war. See The Crusades. See The Holocaust. See the Irish Famine. Then I had the thought that given a Goddess and the same wonky scenario would She have had the same enthusiasm in torture-slaughtering Her daughter for the good of womankind and our 'sins'? While watching and having the power to stop it? Just puttin' it out there.

The R switch has been turned off for me. I found this whole film (and his admonition for me to get out the Kleenex first before watching!) appalling, the brainwashing of the young boy, the attempt to thread the two similarities of sacrifice vomititious in the extreme. Far from R's intent. He was 'inspired'. Another dream bites the dust.

I must admit to shedding a few when Hillary got the nomination in NH last night. I'm not a Hillary hater like many, I've felt from way back, when she was Bride of Bill, that she was the better 'president'. Opportunistic, yes, aren't they all in the cutthroat and Hollywoodized politics of our Southern neighbour? But looking at all the Democratic candidates since the outset, for my money and the future of the planet she is by far the best choice. I absolutely cannot see her sacrificing any more youth to this undending war on so-called terror, her past votes be damned. Politicking. And we need more women in politics. We need more of an equal gender balance however we get it. Compassionate people get slaughtered out there in the voting trenches. Given a chance, I think she will do her best to clean up the mess and initiate universal healthcare and education. If the pot hasn't been totally licked dry by the Incumbent and his cronies.

Remind me, who are the terrorists again? They are currently patrolling the Persian Gulf. How would the U.S. react to Iranians patrolling their war ships in the Gulf of Mexico? Little speedboats wouldn't be it. Nuclear warheads more like. WW 3 for sure. And the bought-and-paid for MSM falling over themselves to pontificate on the threat of the little speedboats on their own waters against those "benign" humungous battleships? There's money to be made in tham thar war zones!


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  2. Sorry www, I just deleted the last comment because I had got muddled.

    It must be hard to let go of your longing for R, even when he is floating six feet up with a hotline to God. Big hugs to you.


  3. Surprisingly (even with the wee thought of deprogramming him!) I am so over it. Our philosophies are too far apart.
    Now H: I read your other comment on my email and please please give me a link to the hoots you were having!!!!

  4. Good for you, you deserve so much better, a wise and lovely woman like you.

    The comment I posted on yours was meant for red on:

    It was in response to a very funny story she told about Liam Gallagher, a limousine and being the worse for wear for liquour lol. Glad you enjoyed reading it.

  5. Oh dear, the Christian film must have been a total turn-off. These crazy religious guys unveil themselves when you least expect it. I find the Presidential campaign very perplexing. There's columns of waffle about how exciting or unexciting the candidates are, how strong the field is, blah blah, but there's very little info about their actual policies. I still couldn't tell you how Obama differs from Clinton or Edwards. I'm pretty cynical about all of them I must admit, whatever they say now they'll probably be corrupted by big business and power once they get in office. But I'd love to be proved completely wrong.

  6. I was going to respond to your last post - something to the effect that maturity should numb the emotional chaos of unrequited love, but, dammit, it doesn't. It grays our hair, pots our bellies, and does the most god-awful things to our bladders, but when it comes to emotions.....well, I suppose we have to wait patiently for senility, for any hope of relief from that.

    Your story of R's Christian YouTube film reminds me of an essay recently doing the rounds of the internet, purportedly written by Ben Stein and advocating the wonders of Christianity and the message of Christmas. It was sent to my wife (a non-Christian) by her brother, an ardent born-againer, who thought it was "just wonderful". It really didn't have the ring of a Ben Stein essay, so I did a little research and discovered 90% was an evangelical forgery. Only about 10%, the most innocuous part, was written by Stein. It's fooled a lot of evangelicals out there who have been emailing it to each other with gusto.

    I wish I could share your enthusiasm for Hillary. The UK's only female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, was originally viewed as the new hope for Britain. She privatized everything, smashed the unions, moneterized the country, and became bosom pals with that Chilean butcher, Augusto Pinochet. Women in the highest office are just as likely to be greed-ridden, cold-blooded, and power-crazy as their male counterparts. In some instances, to demonstrate their equality with the male, they may prove even more ruthless. I would support Hillary Clinton if there were any evidence she is more than another grasping politician, but I see none. She says she'll initiate universal healthcare, then takes $2,000,000 in campaign contributions from that very industry. Obama, incidentally, held out his hand to $1.6 million from the same source. No, I can be positive about none; Democrat or Republican.

  7. Nick:
    I really didn't think he was so extreme in his beliefs. It was a total wake-up call.
    As to Hillary, I give her credit for all those years she did have in the White House and her intelligence.
    Oh for sure I'm still cynical but for a brief tiny moment in my car I had an oomph of hope.

  8. RJA:
    I know, I thought maturity could level off the emotions and make us more adult in our prospective relationships but having discussed the whole matter with a 91-year-old agree that senility or dementia is the answer!

    I guess it is a dreadful comment on the whole mad electioneering process when I am supporting what I consider to be the least damaging candidate! Obama is too inexperienced and at least she had her 8 years in the WH and knows the ropes - and is still going for the job which is extraordinary. I don't see her as rapacious as the current Incumbent, but she could be...


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