Saturday, April 26, 2008


Because I want to think positively.
Because She won Pennsylvania with 1/3 of the campaign funds of her opposition.
Because it really doesn't matter if She wins the nomination, She showed us She tried with everything She had.
Because She fought and fought. For women everywhere. And for showing my granddaughter she can too.
Because She is breaking all the barriers.
Because this reminds me of every time I've cheered my mother, my grandmother, my daughters and my granddaughter and how they've cheered me.
Because it made me cry.


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  2. It's a joke, isn't it? We breathe the wrong way and to Obama and his fans we are "racist", yet feel free to say any old misogynist drivel you like! Call her "maude", criticise her clothes or her husband's affairs - and that's fair game.

    That sicko, "Pastor" (try Imam) Wright, "Hillary's never been called the "N" word.

    No kidding.

    But she's been called the "b" word, the "c" word and everything else under the sun.

    I really despair.

    Say you support her on in the blogosphere? Why you must be a old, stupid, working class "typical white person".

    Obama and his MTV "progressives" can bite me. I will vote for McCain if Hillary does not get the nomination. Guaranteed.

  3. Oh, Mary, this is beautiful. Thank you for all of your different takes on this campaign.

  4. Lovely photograph, WWW, it goes so well with your beautiful words.

    She truly is breaking barriers, and it's up to us all, who are "on her side" to break a few on her behalf - whenever and wherever we can - barriers of hatred and ignorance.

  5. Just for that, I would vote for her if I could, but I really like Obama too, so it is tough. Luckily, I am Dutch and I can't vote, but the Americans have a tough decision to make.

  6. Thanks all.
    You can sense the world is ready for a seismic shift in thinking, in planning, in repairing.
    Part of that would be a female in a strong role. Someone who is not blaming the population for the current state of affairs (you are the change) but assuming the mantle of responsibility to change how government works (under the auspices of corporations).
    Or we will all die sooner.
    I don't want to die, yet.

  7. WWW, great post and the picture is very touching too.

    Your words about cheering all the generations of women in your family remined me of a family constellations workshop i went on. Women stood behing women, their hands supportively on their shoulders, symbolising support back through the years.

    I didn't experience that in my family (hence the workshop) and I am pleased to see that you have experienced it in yours.


  8. It is so important, H, that we stand shoulder to shoulder, us women. I like the imagery your workshop created. Lovely.


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