Friday, April 04, 2008


I’m glad I’m anonymous here. It lets me write a lot more truth than if I was public. And that’s a good thing for me as one of my hats is tax accountant and sometimes I need to vent or enlighten or tell secrets. Secrets cannot be withheld from your tax accountant. She knows everything, some of it amusing, some of it very sad, some of it heart warming and some of it downright bad. Trust me. And what I write here is in no way a judgement, it is merely about the foibles of human nature which are of endless fascination to me.

Like, did you know?

· The poorest of my clients give the most to charity.
· Some of my really, really wealthy clients don’t give a dime or consider themselves heroes for throwing a C-bill at the Breast Cancer Campaign (and don’t get me started on that particular ‘charity’!).
· The most intelligent fall for the get rich quick schemes, i.e. The Donald and his come hithers to get you rich quick on real estate schemes, or buying Costa Rica rentals. None of them work. Trust me. Only The Donald and his ilk get rich off you, you poor sucker.
· One client, a financial planner, spends $15,000 a year on underwear. She is not a looker even by a huge stretch of the imagination. Every year, she asks me to write the expense off. I say to her, she’d have to be a model, hooker, lap-dancer or stage artist and declaring her earnings as such to get to write it off. She thinks I’m being too conservative.
· Some go through a fortune of inheritances from hard-scrimping, depression-defying parents in their dreams of doubling the money by being newborn businessmen or women. The first purchase from the estate funds is inevitably a hugely expensive, enormous leather briefcase. I say wealth does not have a magic wand to make you what you were never before, a successful business person. Put a safety net around the money and let it happily click over at a conservative 4% in guaranteed investment certificates. They never listen as they walk off hefting the shiny dream-filled briefcase.
· Some lose all their earnings on the stock market. I tell them devote 5 hours minimum a day to monitoring your investments if you are going to follow that route. None are willing to spend that kind of time but are willing to throw away a fortune on a ‘hot tip.’
· Some are professional gamblers, though the new term now is ‘gaming’ and ‘arbitrage’. Professions for some. Though all lose, lose and lose. Trust me. I get tired of crunching the losses.
· Many elderly parents keep throwing money at their foolish adult children who are trying to make silk purses out of sows’ ears in real estate and fancy shops. Lose, lose and lose.
· One client had a huge windfall and spent it all on a Lamborghini and the following year couldn’t afford the insurance and then lost his business through neglect.
· Very few would-be entrepreneurs have the foresight to put together a business plan even with my suggestions and assistance. They inevitably fail in their new venture.
· The ones who do put together a plan are nearly always successful. These are the people who sign all their own cheques and track their expenses carefully against the business plan on a weekly basis and adjust and tack as the economic wind shifts direction.
· Old men who marry young women - and old women who marry young men - pay and pay and pay again. Each and every one says, “Ah, but you don’t know. This time it’s different”. No, it’s not. You will lose half your hard earned property and half your hard earned cash. And pre-nups never kill true romance. And if they do, walk and consider yourself lucky!
· I often have to chase the wealthy to settle my account.
· The poorest of my clients pay me the fastest.


  1. As an earlier post suggested, I think I'll stick with the knitting!

  2. Why does none of that surprise me? No, not even the financial planner spending $15,000 on knickers!
    Why? Because they're all human beings, and THEY stopped surprising me a long, long, time ago.

  3. Goodness, you make it sound as if there're an infinite number of really stupid, reckless, starry-eyed people out there cheerfully throwing money into hopeless schemes. And there probably are! Why don't people listen to the advice of someone who's seen so many disasters?

  4. All human life is there then - at the tax accountant's office!

    I'm afraid our tax lady wouldn't be able to raise a grin or a grimace from our returns, my knicker bill is nothing if not frugal - and himself doesn't wear any - more frugal than that you cannot get....LOL!!! :-D

  5. oh, fascinating!
    and of course you know why the poorest of your clients pay you the fastest: because they understand the importance and necessity of money.

    i love jobs that give you a peek into people's most private bits of life.

  6. That's very interesting, you sure do teach us a lesson there. If I get rich, I am putting my money in a savings account and I am going to carefully live and not do anything foolish or move from my apartment. My husband and I have that figured out already. We're just waiting for the money now.

  7. GM:
    Tax free, I presume?
    The endless permutations of us humans.
    As mentioned in post "this time it's different". How many times have I heard that?
    Not knackered by your knickers, then?
    Yes, the value of money to others is very clear to someone who doesn't have that much.
    Yes, as the wise ones said, let sudden money not change your lifestyle but enhance the lives of those around you.

  8. "The poorest of my clients give the most to charity". I have often seen that in the course of my life. As far back as Jesus's time this trait is mentioned (Mark 12:41-43)
    No wonder that scripture says that its far easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.


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