Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blog Jam

Picture is of a spot in Costa Rica in 2006 where the clattery bus broke down and disgorged us into a concrete bunker and I found this around the corner.

Up to my neck in real work, the work that pays the bills as it is tax season in Canada and even though I've substantially cut back on my client base to create room for more creative endeavours, there are still quite a few clients kicking around -keeping me stoked up on coffee and four hours sleep a night and absolutely no blog readings, dying to get at you, my favourite bloggers and catch the latest.

Though I have to admit, sometimes, it is just grand to get a full four course dinner of my favourites when I catch up after being backed up like this.

I'm a little stressed too as I committed to 30 pages a week of the Great Newfoundland Novel (this is a different project than the Newfoundland Short Story Collection) so all in all far too busy. But grateful too as I watch the man across the road do his dash and run details ten times a day and just about iron his driveway.

I'm moving on soon, leaving here for Newfoundland on April 29th. Catching the ferry on May 3rd from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland.

Lots to get done before then, friends to see, taxes to complete, novel to review, and most of all family to be with.

Here are four random blogger awards, a tiny sampling from my lovely list:


You all never fail to enlighten, inform and delight me!


  1. Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland, sounds like a very exotic place to go to. Why are you going there and will you tell us more about it? It sounds so remote and lonely,but maybe it's not at all.I fear lonely places that are miles away from civilization. Something irrational in me.The loneliness makes me think of aloneness equals depression for me. Maybe it is lovely and wonderful.

  2. Thanks for the award, www, and glad you enjoy visiting. That sounds like an awful lot of work on your plate, take plenty of breaks and don't get too stressed out! I like the image of the man ironing his driveway. I know a few people like that, ironing their knickers and polishing everything till it blinds you.

  3. That's a lovely surprise, WWW - thank you indeed!

    I'll look forward to your news from Newfoundland in due course. I hope the move is smooth and painless. You're a busy bee these days - you put me to shame.

    Maybe I'll go iron the driveway to make up for it :-(

    Thanks again!

  4. Irene:
    Port Aux Basques is the harbour for the 'winter ferry' that comes from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland. From there it is around 800 Km to my home on the Avalon, quite a drive with me and the dog. I will take photos this year and post a few from the road.
    You're welcome, my pleasure. And thanks for the good words, I'll try and stay sane. No question of moi ever ironing anything ;^)
    Now get off that driveway at once!
    Cast some spells around the astrological spheres, maybe start an astro-biz on line for the rest of us flounderers?

  5. Anxiety moment. You'll still be posting, won't you? You won't leave us. It's a physical move not a cyber one?

  6. OF:
    I'll be blogging until they wrestle the keyboard from my cold, dead hands!!!
    I will be blogging from the road ahead, I thought a neat trick would be to take a photo a day and blog about it as I meander the 3000km to my home in Newfoundland.

  7. Awwww, you are on the move again, WWW. Take care honeybear and safe home.

    I love the idea of taking a photo a day as you meander home. I love that you meander home.

    Big hugs



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