Monday, April 28, 2008

Topsy Turvy Time

And yes, in case you're asking, I am so a huge fan of "Topsy Turvy" the movie.
Life's like this at the moment:
Calls from friends in Newfoundland telling me they can hardly wait till I get home.
Friends and family here telling me they are so sad I'm leaving home.
I finally decided that home is where the heart is, like the song says. so wherever my gypsy heart lands is my home.

And I get a few very sad emails from my dear friend R as his girlfriend had broken up with him, for the final time in the space of a few short months. She had tried to break up with him a few times, but he had been persistent in trying to make it work. I've met her and wondered privately at their partnership. Not a flicker of a spark that I could determine. And this is what she told him when she dearjohnned him, the spark was never there for her. I feel so sad for him, he had great hopes of this working out and had confided in me last week that the relationship had relieved his chronic loneliness. We can never run from ourselves though, can we?

And two of my brothers, both grandfathers, have been expecting babies - their partners are, I should add. One of the babies was born yesterday, emergency, but doing well now, praise be. The other is due in a week or so. This baby will be uncle to a fifteen year old. Rather them than me. I can't even imagine such a situation.

My mantra of late has been: I'm too old for this shite. Pays off handsomely in difficult situations. And a new baby in your sixties is a challenge, n'est pas?

And I'm all in upheaval here, thinking to myself I had thought my life simplified but when parking yourself elsewhere for four months, it is amazing the detritus that has to go with you when you pry up the tent pegs once more. I am leaving on Tuesday for Newfoundland with a tightly packed car but with a bonus of my dog riding shotgun (she adores road trips).

And yeah, I should be working and not blogging, but every good woman deserves a break.

I'm a little bit at sixes and sevens at the moment. Can't you tell?


  1. Re R, it's sad when one person has such hopes for a relationship but the other person just doesn't feel the same way. But you can't make a connection that isn't there.

    Have a good trip to Newfoundland, and don't get too overwhelmed by all the sixes and sevens!

  2. Bon Voyage, WWW!

    "See" you sometime soon.

  3. As Josephine sings, in HMS Pinafore - "Heavy the sorrow that bows the head, when love is alive and hope is dead..."
    (I never saw 'Topsy-Turvy', but I'm a great fan of Gilbert & Sullivan.)

    'Friend R' really needs to appreciate himself a little more before diving into these "commitments". Otherwise, they'll all end in the same way.

    I vowed after raising one child that if I ever reincarnated I would never, ever have children again. Why do we put ourselves through those years of mental and physical anguish? And to consider it at sixty!
    A challenge? More like a death sentence.

    I suspect once in Newfoundland your sixes and sevens will evaporate into the fresh, salty air. Have a safe trip.

  4. looking forward to seeing where the road takes you....

    and babies in their sixties! my goodness.

  5. Babies in their sixties, nooooo waaaay. Just the thought of having another one now makes me want to lie down for a week until the feeling passes.

    Hope you and your dog find a way of mindful travelling with your tent pegs.



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