Saturday, April 26, 2008

I've had it up to here with misogyny.

Keith Olbermann, a journalist (hah!) I used to respect, calls for "a man to take Hillary Clinton into a room and only he comes out" on MSNBC.

This main stream talking head is calling for the murder of Hillary Clinton?

I simply do not understand the senseless rage and fury generated by this woman. The demand for her submission to the patriarchy, the humiliation of the T-shirts - "Why didn't OJ Simpson marry Hillary Clinton instead?" - being an example.

This is what evil looks like. And I am not silent. Silence condones such words of horrific intent.

Where is the outcry?

So it would be OK to suggest lynching Obama?

Or suggest, oh, tipping McCain's wheelchair over a steep cliff?

I am beyond disillusioned with the main stream media.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King.


  1. People with such hatred in their veins are beyond contempt or even consideration. For all her faults, I admire Hillary for being so resilient in the face of so much aggression and abuse and sexism from childish, small-minded individuals.

  2. The entire concept of "running" for president, as though it were some sort of horse race, lends itself to this kind of competitive bickering. Granted, the past few elections have gone beyond all reason with the ugliness ~ but none of it surprises me.

    Do they ever talk about the issues?

    (I don't know because I don't listen to any of it)

  3. Alas there's the mysterious death of her aide and the political irregularities he was about to expose which has never been explained (to my and many other people's satisfaction).

    That is enough to put me off her I'm afraid, much though I do not agree with any everyday misogeny shown towards her. I think it has also spooked a lot of those who would otherwise be behind her as well. Look at Ted Kennedy and Chappaquidick - no less serious - but it ended the majority of his political ambitions.

  4. I so agree with you. No matter whether one supports her or not, there should be outrage at the woman-hating remarks being directed at her.

  5. I'm in agreement with everything you've said - and said it so well, WWW!

    There's a sickness abroad in the US media - and it isn't racism.
    It's Clinton-hatred. It appears to be eating peoples' brains.

    I don't understand any of it. I take Hillary Clinton as I see her - and from what I know of (from a vantage point in the UK) during the Clinton years when Bill was president. She's a tough, resolute and talented lady, one whom the USA should be grateful to have on their side.

    The ill that is spoken about her, and her husband, to me says much more about the people saying it than it ever does about Hillary Clinton.

  6. After reading your blog, WWW I stumbled onto this - the blogger has kept track of all the sexist nastiness from day 1 - this is #84, with links to them all at the end of the piece. Incredible in this supposedly enlightened day and age. :-(

  7. As a Dutch woman, I would like to see this as something American, because I remember the god awful to do there was when women became sports casters. Americans can have a real sort of nastiness about them behind that friendly "shucks ma'am" exterior.

  8. Well said, all.
    I'm so reminded of a former female lieutenant governor of Ontario who responded when finally invited to join an old boys' bastion of a club:
    "Now that you're concentrating on what's between my ears rather than what's between my legs, I'm saying 'no thank you'"


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