Friday, May 16, 2008

Road Trip (again!)

A big mistake this, I'm in a hotel attending a conference which is about 400km from my home. I don't know what possessed me. The drive was in fog and rain and I arrived looking the worse for wear, stressed and tired. I retired to my room early.

I took a photo of my luggage before I left this morning. You'll note the trees are yet to leaf in Newfoundland. You'll observe I keep a very old licence plate on car for sentimental reasons (plate has been on five cars and is now 25 years old!). That will soon change as I need to switch the registration of the car to Newfoundland plates.

The back of the car is jammed with a small bag of dog food, her dishes, her water and her leashes. Laptop, camera, knitting, and very little clothes, just a change a day fill up the rest. I'm one of these people who never overpacks. And I can go for a month with one carry-on bag. That's my French Roast coffee in my Goofy mug (thank you, grandgirl!) and an apple. And one jacket - not rainproof - note to self, bring rain jacket always.

STUFF. It looks appallingly too much, doesn't it. And all necessary.

More Rules of Life on next post.

The picture below is one I took near Kelly's Mountain in Cape Breton a couple of weeks ago. I love the justaposition and flow of the lumber, the water, the mini iceberg and the to die for blues. Click to enlarge


  1. Of course your rules of life count for Newfoundland, but will I be able to apply them here in this fashionable little city in Europe? When we drive 400 km, we are in France.

  2. After that dreary drive, I hope you get something out of the conference! I always travel light, it's too much hassle humping giant cases around. Nobody could believe how little I took to Oz but how much do you need when you're just freewheeling around? And your sea picture looks idyllic!

  3. Irene:
    Distance here is like Texas, Always too much of it.
    I wish I were home, isn't that awful after all this trouble. I'm just back from a long walk with the dog in such a depressing neighbourhood and I'm doing anything rather than show up at the sessions....

  4. Awwww, my car is red too lol! That makes us almost Ziel Schwesters or something.

    And if the conference is dreary, why would anyone want to attend sessions?

    I am learning to travel light, not something that comes naturally to me. Although I did manage a micro pack for Friday's romantic break.
    However, the rest of the car was piled up with stuff to take to the dump and charity shop lol.


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