Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You think you've seen it all

{AFP File Photo}
But you haven't.
Unfortunately, I was having a comforting cuppa when I stumbled upon this:
Praying at the Gas Pump and I lost most of my tea through my nose.

I had just finished an experiment of my own, on gas use/consumption shrinkage. Hot tips given to me by this long haul driver I ran into in Sydney. It involves being more interactive with your vehicle. Coasting down hills, eliminating drag, daring to let the car hike its own way up the hills whilst ignoring the cursing and flipping of other drivers, etc.

I increased my car's gas MPG by 10%.

I wonder if I prayed hard to the Great Gas God would it have the same effect on my consumption? Not to mention the environment?


  1. It'll need a lot more than prayers to solve the oil/petrol crisis. If oil is running out but demand is soaring, prices are inevitably going to keep rising. And they might ask why an all-powerful God can't give us an infinite supply of the stuff? And why He can't deal with global warming?

  2. hey! i kind of drive that way already! but mostly accidentally.

    driving does not come naturally to me.

  3. Nick:
    The laundry list to the Invisible Cosmic Housekeeper would run right off the page. Just as long as we don't have to take any corrective action ourselves!
    I'd never have guessed! You drive under the auspices of the Great Gas God? ;^)

  4. And this is the pinnacle of evolution!

    As my old mother-in-law used to exclaim: "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - I'll go to the foot of our stairs!"

  5. I thought people only exhibited that odd sort of behavior in the States. It must be a virus that came across the border and contaminated some people. Better watch out. You'll be born again before you know it!

    Increasing your gas MPG by 10% is great! Very well done. That is what we strive for here all the time since gas is so expensive.

    Are you almost there yet?

  6. RJA:
    I bet it worked for gas prices!
    Good Gawd, woman, NEVER in Canada, this was a pic out of the Bible Belt of USA.
    But I thought even for the USA, this was way so far out over the edge of reason or sanity!
    I've been on the Avalon (home) since late Sunday, so good to be here.....

  7. Hey WWW, you've got to stop drinking tea whilst blogging, it's bad for your keyboard's life expectancy lol.

    Ohhhh, praying at the gas pumps, fabulous. What a great example of magical thinking.

  8. H:
    I did a double take, at first I thought it was a legpull, hoped it was.
    Shee-ite as my people say.


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