Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cartoon of the Week


  1. Poor Barrack, it is going to crush him. I hope he picked the right team to help him carry all that weight. Bush should leave right now this minute and let Barrack start his job.

  2. Very good. I hadn't seen Hillary's appointment in that light - there could be some truth in it. But I'm worried she's trying to set up an alternative power base. I read that she got all her critics purged from the administration and she's demanded that she alone appoints her staff.

  3. Good cartoon, WWW!

    A year ago, I never thought I'd be able to say this about Obama, but now I can:

    "Cometh the hour....cometh the man"

    He grows in my estimation every day, and I doubt there was a better choice of Prez for what is before us. His choice of Hillary as SoS is exactly right for the times. Had Hillary run a more efficient campaign and won, I bet she'd have picked him for SoS too.

    I don't believe all the gossip about enmity between them, nor any of it about how bad the Clintons are, or will be. It's gossip.

  4. Mind you green-ness and credit crunching can be happily combined -the global recession might even do the planet considerably more favours than otherwise!

  5. @Irene:
    Unfortunately the world is stuck with Junior until January.
    She's got far more experience than BO in diplomatic affairs. And I, for one, won't forget her speech on women's rights in Beijing. She will need her own power base and he has agreed to it.
    It says it all.
    I heard they were very close friends and Bill is a hero of BO's.
    Public and private personas.
    It is one of the best teams!
    There's a lot of newspaper space here devoted to that exact same premise. It could revitalize the world in every way!

  6. I'm with you on this, WWW. I believe she will make a terrific SoC - although I would have loved to see that incisive mind put to good use on the Supreme Court.


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