Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gazing in the Crystal Ball

Is it too much to hope for? Really? I read this New York Times newspaper (note the date of July 2009) today. And even though it is a terrific spoof I had a dream. I was wistful, I was wishful.

War (well, not war but unwarranted and illegal invasion to me and many others) Ends.Tick

Bush indicted. Tick.

Maximum wage law enacted Tick

National Health Insurance Act passed. Tick

A wonderful read. Enjoy it.

This brilliant parody is the work of The Yes Men a group who practise "identity correction" and have represented themselves as being spokespeople for the government, Dow Corporation, WTO, Exxon and many others. They bring attention to the criminal activities these perpetuate by attending their events legitimately and then satirically attacking them (a la Colbert attacking Bush at the Press Corps Dinner).

Many thousands of copies of this newspaper were delivered to New Yorkers yesterday.

Satire. Ain't it grand? Ain't it oh, so truthful?


  1. I'm afraid to comment, but I'll wish upon a star...

  2. It reminds me of a Rufus Wainwright song Oh what a World:
    'Wouldn't it be a lovely headline - "Life is
    Beautiful" on the New York Times'

  3. yeah. sigh. that'll be the day. if only war *would* just end one day. but they always drag on and on ....

  4. I wonder what the papers will really be saying on July 4 2009? I wonder if any of those things will actually have happened? Over to you, Mr Obama.

  5. @Irene:
    Along with the rest of us.:-(
    I love that song!
    Yeah, that whole indu-mil complex that floats that piece of the economy has to continue. *sigh*
    Yes, good thought - that would be an interesting comparison!

  6. If even just one item on your list were ticked by next July it'd be nothing short of a miracle, WWW.
    It's nice to dream though.

    (Validation letters "beactiv" !)

  7. T:
    I'd be happy with any one of them (just to start!)

  8. Don't forget that we all have to support Mr Obama in his endeavors. He can't do it on his own. Power to he people!


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