Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random List of Thirty Things About Me.

Inspired by Conor, I'm not going to make a list of 200 things, but 30. Maybe readers might be inspired to make their own lists?

1. My favourite film of all time is “The Dead”

2. A book I couldn’t put down was “And Ladies of the Club”.

3. I’ll throw up at the sight/smell/taste of beetroot.

4. I was a vegetarian on and off for years at a time, starting when I was fourteen.

5. I’ve ‘enough hair for two heads’.

6. I’m vain about my hair

7. I’ve experienced tantric sex.

8. I had a gay boyfriend who in later life was a gay activist.

9. I used to star in Gilbert & Sullivan productions.

10. I can sing the lyrics from these operettas at the drop of a hat.

11. I was a folk singer in the late sixties.

12. I love Jane Austen

13. I’m mad for strong, dark-roasted coffee.

14. And espressos and cappuccinos.

15. I don’t have a television

16. I love reading

17. I love knitting

18. I love having friends in for meals

19. I love ‘The Chat’.

20. I love walking and hiking

21. I used to run marathons

22. I’ve struggled with body image/weight/food issues most of my life.

23. I’m not a team player

24. I hate team work

25. I’ve been sober since 6/29/86

26. I cry easily but nearly always alone.

27. I’ve never quite grown up.

28. I miss my mother every day and she’s been dead for 37 years.

29. I’m very easily hurt.

30. I’ve never been bored in my whole life.


  1. Funny, I hate beetroot as well. You're the first person I've known with the same aversion. And I've no idea why I have it.

    Remarkable that you've never ever been bored, you must have a very lively mind. I don't get bored very often but sometimes my imagination and curiosity fail me.

  2. Interesting list. I don't even know what tantric sex is but I am on my way to a dictionary...

  3. A very interesting list. Meals with friends and good coffee... You will be welcome here!

  4. I was tagged by vanilla just recently so I did a list of 7. I am considering the 100. I am sort of curious to see what I'd put on there.
    I am with you on No.29.
    And it is so inspiring that you ran marathons, I keep wondering if I'd be able to, if I have it in me.
    Tantric sex, I think what we tried to do once was part of it, veeeeeery slow, sloooow slow. It was great! Now that you say you had, I will do more reading about it!

  5. @Nick:
    And you're the first person I know with the same aversion. I would say my inner life is very rich and imaginative!!
    I put it in there because I don't know one other single person on this planet who's had it!
    I think we'd have loads to talk (an maybe sing!)about!
    I'll have to drop over to your place and see your list.
    And if you'd had tantric, you's sure know about it!!

  6. I saw you dropped over at my lingua place, i have resurrected gaea as well: gaudiumdegaea.wordpress.com
    my light fluffy orange gaea bubble has moved there.
    so maybe i haven't had tantric as i didn't know about tantric before we tried something for a bit of something different. having said that, i don't think i still know much about tantric (eager to learn though!)

  7. I'm so glad you told me about your main blog, Gaye. I just popped over.
    Good luck with Tantra, there really is nothing to be taught, it is all with the magic and trust between two people and the willingness to be open.

  8. OooooooH! This is like blog-tease, a distant cousin of strip-tease! ;-O

    I enjoyed reading your list, WWW, and Conor's too. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do one at my place. Perhaps I could link to the stars somehow.

    Tantric Sex is part of my Great Unknown. Lucky you! Sting is a great advocate of it, but I've always though he was just bragging (don't like him much). :-)

  9. Oh I like that, T. Blog tease. Ta-dum, ta-dum tatatata-dadum.....etc. I wish I could play it on the blog!!!
    I feel very blessed re Tantric, I thought I would mention it as so very few have experienced it.

  10. I LOVE no. 27 :-) long may it last. I also love really dark roast coffee - hard to find in this neck of the wooods.

  11. Conor:
    If you can find something called an "Italian Roast" that might do the trick, some shops in Europe carry it.
    I still feel that a grown-up is going to snatch my dark roast from me and wag the finger.;^)
    Sinful tiny pleasures. ah me.

  12. The Dead is also one of my favorites. And they won't put it out on DVD. Why?
    Did you ever perform at the Golden Bear?

  13. Welcome ST!
    A woman of similar thoughts!
    Follow the money, in the case of "The Dead", there would not be enough interest in the DVD. I've also attempted to get the documentary of its making for years and years to no avail.
    Where is the Golden Bear? In California? ( and no I didn't, or I did in a fog ;^) )

  14. I loved 'And Ladies of the Club'!

  15. You're just the kind of woman I like to know. I'm glad you wrote these little bits of information about yourself. We, of the nosy kind, like to read this.

  16. is beetroot the same as beets? i love beets.

    and now i want to see a picture of your hair!

  17. Jenny:
    Oh: another kindred spirit who discovered the marvellous world of Helen!!!
    Part of me knew that!!

  18. Irene:
    Oh thank you and backatcha as we say out here in Newfoundland which means sorta "me too!!"
    I think those of us who write blogs are completely nosy, curious pand inquisitive and I'm glad of it!!

  19. Laurie:
    Yes, one and the same. I must post a pic of my hair!!

  20. I've got great hair too - even though it's had some help! (no thanks to a former illness)

    Congratulations on staying on the wagon so long - I can see the temptations, particularly in a stressful life situation, but to add to one's problems is SO not worth it! Attagirl!

  21. Laura:
    Are you a Leo by any chance? Leos tend to have thick hair, the lion thing.
    Thanks for the congrats, it has been hard from time to time but sooooo worth it, to deal with life on life's terms and not escape.


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