Saturday, September 25, 2010

After the Hurricane

I fancy there are great underground palaces, hidden away from us insane humans, the lunatics who prowl the earth and seek and destroy all that is good.

And these palaces have food and comfort and choirs singing joyfully. While way up above the two legged cretins get on with the business of killing each other while sucking the last and the best out of Gaia, belching forth the toxic fumes that swathe the earth in dark menacing clouds. And making those eerie, loud and painful noises up above in the sky, on the ground and in the oceans that offend sensitive ears and choke the nostrils.

Down there it is safe and warm. Even in the eye of the hurricane that seems like a distant thunder overhead.

And after the storm is over, the scouts - this week it is the bluejays - on duty are sent above ground to survey the damage and gather food to share at the great banquet tonight, for it is Saturday and there is always a banquet and music on a Saturday night.


  1. I think you must be talking about heaven.

  2. A heaven unknown to us, my dear!

  3. i love the picture and i hope that after the two legged cretins are gone from this earth the scouts are still left to roam

  4. A beauty of a tale and finally a good explanation.

  5. Beautiful thoughts WWW. What's the betting that if such palaces existed in our "underworld", that some "upperworld" country (guess which) would eventually invade them to acquire their riches.

    At least the loud Bluejays would squawk about it unmercifully - as we un the "upperworld" ought already to be doing (some of us are trying).

    Bluejays are my favourite visitors to our backyard. They usually appear only one, or maybe two, at a time here though. Your lovely photograph has 4 of 'em. Very nice! :-)

  6. Those underground palaces sound like a great place to be, except that I would miss the daylight and the landscapes (what's left of them).

  7. Two wonderful pictures, one for the eyes and the other one for what is behind the eyes!

  8. Do you have a roadmap I might borrow?

    I'm glad you survived intact.

  9. Jays are wonderful critters. They would indeed be good scouts. I think, though, that rats are destined to take over when we have self destructed. But perhaps they will evolve into something beautiful.

  10. o dear, you do sound cross!

    There are others like you, me for instance, who cry over the earth being spoilt and desecrated. We can only do our best to make a small difference. I am still hopeful that mankind will come to its senses and stop the madness before it is too late.

    As for your question on my blog: Yes, murder happens here too, one in a century, true, but where there are people, there is badness. (I don't like to use he word evil)

    Valley's End looks like paradise but the snake is here too, alright.


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