Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Canadian Health Ministers

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It's a good feeling to post good news.

It's a good feeling to see how much government gender representation has changed - from zero female ministers when I was a young woman to this photo posted in today's paper.

There's a Canadian health minister conference in St. John's right now. 12 provinces and territories are represented.

7 of the cabinet ministers are women. 5 are men.

Yay Canada!


  1. It is good to see more women represented. Not sure about the "Yay Canada," however. These are provincial ministers; female representation at the federal cabinet level is not so great (27%) and they're mostly in the "soft" ministries, like Status of Women and Heritage. And, in my opinion, they should all be ashamed of themselves for standing meekly by while their Lord and Master Harper guts women's and social justice programs.

  2. Tessa:
    Tiny steps I agree, but even a little applause from the sidelines? Harper's govt is not pro-women no matter how it bleats otherwise. The man would have us all back in the fifties.

  3. I say it's pretty darn good, although women are still under represented everywhere, especially in the Netherlands. I guess they don't like to be career women with big jobs, or is there a glass ceiling unbeknown to us? At least one of your women is black. That's a double minority in place. None of the men are.

  4. A "Yay!!" from me, WWW.

    In Health matters women have a natural place, I suppose. I want to see more of them taking strong positions in Defence/Military departments of government. Maybe then we'd see some kinder, wiser
    decisions made....but then again, maybe not. Not all women act as we would wish them to - Margaret Thatcher for instance! and any number of right-wing whackos in the USA.

  5. As you say tiny steps... but just like pennies they all mount up!

  6. You're right, of course, baby steps are better than none. And I'm pleased they are at the provincial level, which is how we break the federal stranglehold (during the life of this crappy government,anyway) on progress.

  7. I'm afraid I don't too many British female politicians have been just as poor at it as the worst male, albeit with fewer scandals attached.
    Anyone who is talented at politics and wanting to represent and do their best by ALL their electorate is good enough for me, irrespective of gender, though of course there should be no bar on a talented woman wishing to enter politics.


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