Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hurricane Igor - Update

Trans Canada Highway collapse - photo courtesy CBC

Power is finally back on in the last few minutes.

How dependent we are on the power grid! I am lucky I have a woodstove but so many are not. I am hoping my chest freezer is OK, I did not open it and understand that it's good for about 24 hours if not opened.

We escaped lightly in this little village. The worst damage was with old trees completely uprooted like matchsticks so people today are busy doing cleanup, chopping and sawing. The sides were blown off the community hall and one shop is losing its vast back and side walls of frozen products. The generator just couldn't handle the requirements.

The rest of our lovely province hasn't fared so well. Some are still living in their town firehalls, cut off by the savagery of the flooding from their own houses. Some were tourists and travellers forced off the Trans Canada Highway by the incredible floods, collapsed portions of the TCH, downed trees and blazing hydro wires.

According to the old timers, they've never seen the like of this. Damage in the tens of millions. Many still without power, but we are so, so lucky, only one death has been reported so far.

Oh lovely, lovely home and my stalwart old trees for only shedding a few old branches and the uprooting of one young (15'footer)beech!

Thanks to all for your lovely thoughts and safe wishes to me. It means so much!


  1. I'm so glad you fared well and my thoughts will be with the others.

  2. So glad that you are safe, and my heart goes out to those who have lost homes and sustained damage. Mother Nature is certainly showing us who's boss these last few weeks!

  3. I am really pleased that you are safe. It must be very scary to have to live through that. The elements can be so strong and we are so fragile. Quite often the two just don't go together.
    Hope you have total peace and calm now.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. So glad to hear the worst is over, WWW. You and Ansa can sleep peacefully once more.

  5. Crazy weather here on the Georgian Bay Tuesday evening.90kmh winds, trees down all over the town,buildings struck by lightning.

    You folks on the Rock happen to send us some of your weather,eh?

  6. Poor trees and displaced residents. It's true what you say, we're so dependent on the power grid now. There was a local power cut here last week; it lasted only a few hours but it showed how vulnerable is our lifestyle in all its convenience and hyper-connectedness. Relieved that you got through the storms okay.


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