Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hurricane Igor

Photo courtesy CBC of the St. Lawrence area not too far from here.

Yeah, it's here. Igor has hit and he's brought some really strange weather. House so warm within and so wet outside that all windows are fogged up. The trees sway as their still green leaves get wrenched and thrown at the windows in handfuls.

My niece, who lives about 400km from here tells me her roads are washed out, she ventured out briefly and saw cars floating in the water, something she'd never seen before. She turned and went home. All of her town has folded up into itself, many have lost their homes. Her brand new home has roof leaks, but it could be the force of the wind.

Here we are slightly more sheltered but it is still an awesome sound with a frisson of uncertainty as the windows, under the pressure of the wind, leak in odd places. The roof, so far, is solid.

Only the odd dudely truck rolls by on the streaming flooded road. The stream across from my house has burst its banks, the bay is a mass of whitecaps. If the windows were clear I would try and capture it. I have never seen it like this, a complete turmoil of white and grey flowing in with the north wind.

With all of this maelstrom around, I feel grateful that we are far better off than the unfortunates of Bermuda.

The power is still on, with emergency supplies standing by and the woodstove ready to be fired up.

I'm dry and safe within broken by the odd accusing look from the dog.

You see, in her world, this is all my fault.

**Update - 4.40pm my time
Now the power is out. I have large battery back up and I am on "turbo stick" for internet and had the sense to stockpile a bit of water this morning as my pump is now down and also landline is out. Lots of candles and battery radio. CBC is going to stay with us until it is over but it is on generator power only as all of St. John's now in blackout along with all of the Avalon. Wind is frightening, small branches flung like matchsticks off my trees. Oh, we are such midgets in the force of awesome Mother Nature.
**Update - 7.10pm my time
Well the sun peeped out amongst the speeding clouds for a few minutes. Radio says the rain storm is now over and another two hours of wind. Hurricane has been downsized as of now to a tropical storm. Leo came over and started picking up the branches around the place and then stopped as the wind picked up again. Mr. Igor is not done with us yet.


  1. was just watching some of it on CBC...stay save everybody ♥

  2. I'm glad that you're relatively safe, WWW. It's a shame that the dog blames you, but you are her God. Such is the role we play in our pets' existence. It's a lot of responsibility. It's tough to shoulder it all. Take good care of yourself.

  3. Coming from Ireland, you'll be well-used to "big winds" but this is still quite frightening. You and Ansa stay well and warm. xoT

  4. Thinking of you, stay dry warm and safe. A time to lose yourself in your books!

  5. How did people lose their homes? That's awful. Glad you and Ansa are safe with supplies at home.

  6. Wow, I just looked at the satellite images, Igor looks brutal! Hope everything is OK there

  7. Oh! Having stopped watching TV news, and just come on-line, I wasn't aware of this - we'll be thinking of you, and wishing you safe and soon back to comfort levels.


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