Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Blog Jam

Did you know that Mississipi just narrowly defeated a bill defining a fertilized egg as a "person"?

Sometimes I am so grateful I live in Canada and don't have to deal with these incessant insanities of our neighbour to the south of us. My ongoing sympathies to my wonderful USian friends who have to suffer these idiocies while the reality of our doom-headed planet is ignored.

Sometimes I shed just a tiny wee tear when I see Graham Nash and David Crosby, those of my Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young days (oh major, major fan I was, I was) who performed at the New York Occupy HQ yesterday. Why do I cry? Oh, you know, like they got OLD and, well, so did I, but we are all still shouting out against injustice.

And a Limerick man explains the Wall Street shenanigans for everyone:


  1. That's actually Denis Ryan, sometimes of St. John's, more often of Halifax, but orginally from Newport, Country Tipperary, being interviewed by a Halifax comedian.

  2. Oh - snap on Crosby/Nash, WWW - not on being a longtime fan (can't say I was much aware of them back in the day) but on recent activities of the pair.
    Just 10 mins ago I watched a video of their interview with Keith Olbermann on his show at current TV. I know you can't watch vids due to crappy internet connection there, but I'll give the link in case others might like to see it:

    They had some very good things to say about the Occupy movement.


  3. So this fertilised egg person, is it Republican or Democrat? Gay or straight? Catholic or Protestant? What do you mean, it may be a person but it ain't thinking yet?

  4. When does it become a human being, WWW? Are you sure about that? I have great doubts about that myself and am less sure. It's not a subject that we can make easy decisions about.

  5. Wombs. I own one. For now.

    and.....Fuckshyte. 'Tis a beautiful thang.


  6. Having just seen this,, I can understand why you would prefer to live in Canada. I would too.

    Sensible thing to do, go off for a pint.

  7. Anon:
    Ah sure I knew that. Just testing ya!
    YouTube out here is only a dream, I get a once a week look at it in Wifi heaven.
    We should crawl in there and ask the little speck of angel dust.
    Hello? Ain't female autonomy a great thing indeed without G-men telling us what to do with our bodies, with or without specks incubating?
    Well said.

  8. "Sometimes I am so grateful I live in Canada and don't have to deal with these incessant insanities of our neighbour to the south of us."

    It is true many of us here in the ole USA are "tards". I will say that I feel my Canuck brothers and sisters to the north are also a touch light of a full loaf. Example-->> The Canadian gun laws are truly insane!

  9. "Love Me Do" was closer to the end of the First World War than we are to "Love Me Do".

    It' such thoughts that keep me awake at night. But then I remind myself that at least I can still remember who "The Beatles" were and I sleep soundly.


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