Friday, November 25, 2011

Unwelcome Guest

Slithering from the sea,
You crawled in overnight,
Taking comfort in the
Fixings of my porch,

You touched everything,
The trees, the feeders
The broody roofs
The stark fences

The door stones
The withered herb garden
The potato drills
The strawberry beds.

You were early,
Way too early this year.
My back to you, Snow.
For I am not ready.


  1. Love it !

    At first I was assuming you'd had a visit from some giant, otherworldly sea creature. ;-)
    (Need 2nd cup of coffee!)

  2. and it is almost like spring in Collingwood. I am going South for January, February and March. 130 or so miles South! - to Toronto where I don't have to worry about driving on snow covered roads. Will park my car in the underground and mostly leave it there until spring is just around the corner.
    take care Wise.

  3. Here in The Valley we got 45 cm of the white stuff!!! 45! Ridickolus! With all the coloured lights already ya'd think it was Christmas. R-e-e-dickolus.

  4. Joyous Anticipation.

    In less than one month you shall start to court more frequently.

    I await your earlier morning kisses. At my bedroom window.

    And your late night June farewells. From my front porch.

    Every year you abandon me for another hemisphere.

    And every year you return, Sun.

    You are a rascal for being so reliable.

    And so life giving.


  5. After five years, we are having the kind of winter that originally brought us to the town where we live. The temperature is dropping every day and I have had to unpack some woolens which I had not used the last few years. I am enjoying the experience.

  6. Over a foot here. Way too early for me but I will get the skis out of the attic. It does make the world brighter though.

  7. ready or not, here I come!

    And also, how far have you got rearranging stuff in your house? What happened to the designated hour?

    Procrastination has a lot in its favour.

  8. Ahh the wonderful white stuff.Tubing, skiing, sledding and making snow angels. Wonderful times!O yes the snow shovel is half full.

  9. And here, the sun is just making itself felt - blossoms on the trees, the first cicadas have now hatched.
    Stay warm!


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