Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have a PhD in procrastination. I don't know why I do it. Which drives me crazy in itself as I am over-analytical by nature. It's like I save up stuff in case there is NOTHING to do. Insanity, right? As if by fobbing off and deferring I can live forever or something. Do most people die with an unfulfilled To Do List do you think?

I live in fear that someday, somehow, somewhere I will sit twiddling my thumbs at the end of The List. Finally complete. Waiting for the grim reaper to scythe me up, gibbering and drooling into my Ensure.

Right now the list is long. Persnickety stuff. Like 8 big boxes in the front hall that need decanting. But to decant them means moving the bookshelves (after offloading them) out of my office to said hall. Then offloading the existing shelves in the hall and bringing them upstairs to the craft room, my cute liddle craft room. Then shelves in my bedroom will be moved to my office and reloaded. And then a smaller shelf from the utility room moved to my bedroom and useless shelves from the craft room moved to the utility room.

Okay - you in the back, stop snoring. And the rest of you, unglaze your eyes please. Pay attention!

And then crafts decanted from the big shelves in the family room and put in the craft room. And then there will be room for all the contents (books, movies, albums) of the boxes removed from Daughter's basement in September and brought out here. I know it sounds like I'm chasing my tail all around the house here but seriously it makes total sense.

So yay, I say unto you, I am going to apply what has always worked for me before. I commit to one hour a day on the timer, to start-up this massive mobilization and put all the STUFF where it belongs.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes.


  1. The Law of Procrastination nullifies the Law of Unintended Consequences.Procrastination also maintains equilibrium. But it's the nature of the beast to be curious, to look over the hill to see what's on the other side. And sitting still, like lying abed,is boring. If Adam didn't bite into the apple, nothing would have gotten done. What a curious thing is man!

  2. I think I'll leave a comment. No, on second thoughts, there's no hurry, perhaps it can wait till later on.

  3. With all that lifting and shifting, you will be slim, trim and brim full of energy for Turkey day!

  4. Don't your commenters know that you don't have Turkey day tomorrow? Americans seem to think it's a universal holiday. Their small world view is almost childlike.

    I procrastinate about the spare bedroom. It's become normal to me that it's the state it is in. I think I'll never get around to doing anything about it and that after my death the contents will simply be taken to the dump.


  5. My bookcases are groaning and so am I! All the best with your clearing out

  6. Oh, how I long for a craft room, somewhere to hang up my bouncy skeins of Briggs & Little and put out a yarn swift. Wish I was there to help you decant, I like putting stuff away.

  7. Oh Gosh Nora, even I with my child like American mind...know that GM lives in where was I...

  8. I find it easier to break down large jobs into smaller chunks and list them out (but then I like working from lists). I can then tick each mini item off of the list and reward myself when each bit is done. Otherwise the big job just looks too BIG, and I spend all day avoiding even thinking about it!

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