Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello, my name is WWW and I am a Lexulous addict.

Lexulous is a scrabble type game available on FaceBook amongst other lesser known sources. Well, I should say I am controlling my addictive self to the level of playing 10 games at a time. I could be up to a 100 if I let myself go. I've always loved scrabble and adored crosswords (non-cryptic) back in the day but find them a little too easy now, all the words overused, etc.

Interesting how all types of personalities are represented by Lexulous players. Some are in it to pursue sexual innuendos. Others (like me) for the love of the language and the game and some light chatter: how's your weather? Some state they love the (clean)chat. Some are courteous – oh well done, good game. Some are snide: Now where did you learn a word like that? Some apologize for placing the words vagina or penis. Some are whiners: oh, this game is rigged as you got all the good letters. Some are ignorant: What state in Canada is NL? Some are enthusiastic: oh please let's play again, I really enjoyed this!

Some of my friends challenge me, I mean how hard is it to lay down a few words? I always warn them I am really, really good but what can that mean, huh, and then most concede before the game is even over. One old friend insisted we never go vertical with the letters at the start as it made her head hurt, they had to be horizontal. Seriously. No, I don't play her anymore.

One stranger has played me for well over a year and is unfailingly cheerful and congratulatory as I am with him. We share a love of words, the more obscure the better and always rhapsodize on bingoes (7 letters off in one go) or super-bingoes (8letters off in one go on a double triple).

But most are my real life friends. Others are my blog readers never met in the flesh but over the years have graduated to friendship and full identity reveal.

But it is the fleeting challenging stranger players who provide me with windows on our endlessly fascinating human condition and all its foibles.


  1. Sounds like great fun, I must figure out how to get into it. None of my local friends like that sort of thing, and grandmother who challenged me with games twice a week is busy playing in heaven.

  2. I am addicted to crossword puzzles. I do not suffer from the over use of words as I do one English, one American and two Indian setters who all have different ways of setting the clues. I would dearly like to meet the American setter. He stumps me often!

    I have not yet graduated to FB games!

  3. Just catching up after my travels and I had to comment on this one - me too! Though I only play 4 games at a time. And I love cryptic crossword puzzles - my husband and I make a great team to finish the difficult Sunday Times Mephistos.
    By the way I strongly identify with your procrastination blog too.

  4. There is so much enjoyment to be had just by sitting down to a computer and pursuing a little entertainment. I'm not surprised by your expert status.

  5. I love words too, though am not a word puzzle lover at all. I like Scrabble better than crossword puzzles though. Sport and crossword puzzles always seem to me as pointless output of effort, physical or mental - but I realise I'm in a minority here, and most people think my own interests are pretty pointless.

    I like the idea of your being able to sense different personalities of opponents via their word choices in Lexulous. (That word reminds me of Bill Maher's "Religulous") ;-)

  6. I used to be a Lexulous addict as well, but it has been eons since I played...

  7. That sounds like fun, but if I spend any more time on the 'net' my body will complain!

  8. Never heard of Lexulous but it sounds like fun. Must investigate! Now what can I do with the letters F, E, E, M, O, D, R. Ah, got it....

  9. Hello, from one coast to the other! I came to visit via Grannymar.

    I love word games, as well. I've not heard of this game. I'll have to check it out sometime.

  10. Looks good. I like Scrabble so maybe I should give it a go.
    However, I'm less focused on winning than on clever words or densely packed tiles - so maybe I shouldn't.
    A friend of mine met his partner through online scrabble - so you never know where a game will lead.


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