Thursday, December 01, 2011

My, How She's Grown!

Daughter is in South America at the moment and Grandgirl is on her VERY OWN (At 17+ OMG!) in their house in Toronto.

I've been talking to her every night. Not checking up on her or anything as I've assured her, but availing myself of the opportunity to have these nightly chats. I restrained myself from laughing out loud the other night when she said:

"Oh boy, Grandma it is so HARD to live by yourself!"

"How so, hon?"

"Well there is so much to do, you just never catch up with it all. I'm exhausted!"

"So tell me?"

"Well there's laundry for starters. Then I had to take the garbage out after sorting it. Then I had to change the kitty litter. And oh yeah, walk the dog and give her her meds. Then I had to decide about dinner and what to nuke up. And yeah pack my lunch for school. AND load the dishwasher and unload it. It never ends!"

"Welcome to the real world, darling."

"But you're forgetting something really important here, Grandma."

"And what's that?"

"On top of all of that I have, like, hours and hours of homework!"

Well I hope Daughter reads this when she gets back.

You think maybe she'll feel more appreciated?


  1. And she hasn't even started on the gardening....

  2. She's a keeper. Thank goodness for grandkids, they have a way of bringing things into perspective...
    Your both appreciated by that grandgirl, sounds like.

  3. It sounds like she is a very responsible girl for her age. You should both be proud of her. XOX

  4. Yep, the onset of adult responsibilities is a nasty wakeup call! Sounds like your granddaughter is handling it in the usual way; my son at age 19 and going to university for the first year is learning what pressure is, and man does he feel hard-done-by! I have to chuckle.

  5. I love it! This brought back memories of leaving Elly alone in the house for a week when she was about the same age. She had a sleep over and got her pale to help with the 'clean-up' before we arrived home.

    My biggest problem was from the parents of Elly's peers who thought I was being neglectful by leaving her. These same parents who would soon wave their offspring off to University and expect them to behave like an adult overnight!

  6. pretty sure i was nowhere near that responsible at 17.

  7. Great training. My son had two six monthly stints on his own in the UK and had to fend for himself. He refused full time employment there despite very attractive remuneration packages because he wanted to be back in India where he did not have to worry about fending for himself!

  8. Jobs and duties have a way of spoiling the romantic vision of privileged, irresponsible adulthood most of us enjoy for a while before we reach it. Sounds like she'll be well able for it!


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