Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best Christmas Gift

The news chilled my heart. An old estranged friend was having serious health issues. Hospitalized 3 times in the last 3 months. Worse each time. ICU, drips, test upon test. I dithered and dathered. Took stock of how the friendship ended (my choice). Remembered the good times and there were many. A shared trip to Ireland, weekend visits to her parents when her mother had Alzeimer's, connections with each other's children, followed through advice to each other. Shared broken hearts at one point in time from failed relationships. And on.

My mind was made up today when I heard she had been released from the hospital and was home. I looked at the phone. Answered emails. Looked at the phone. What the hell. Even if she hangs up on me. What have I lost?

I finally picked up the phone and she answered on the first ring. When I told her who it was she burst into tears. We talked for two hours. Yes, it is serious what has happened to her. She has an inoperable clot on the brain and her lungs are just about shot from two bouts of double pneumonia. And her driver's licence has been taken because of her condition. The very worst thing, we agreed, and laughed in unison. And we talked of old times and good times. And she remembered things I wouldn't have thought anyone would remember.

And we said a few times, gawd, it's like yesterday since we talked last. And it's like the rubbish that interfered with it all was just that. Rubbish. To be forgotten.

And we both cried at the end of the conversation with promises of more talks, more remembrances and hopefully future plans.

I can't begin to tell you how mighty and fantastic this Christmas gift has been.

I hold her in light and love. And she will get better.

And most importantly: drive again.


  1. That's wonderful, WWW. Good for you for making that phone call. I bet it will make a lot of difference for both of you, but especially for her. XOX

  2. Yes, good for you! Brave, compassionate, and rewarding. Even if it had not turned out so well it still would have been brave and compassionate. You did A Good Thing.

  3. best Christmas present ever...have a wonderful holiday ♥

  4. Thank you, Wise. It's always good to remember, but especially at this time of year, that it's love that matters in the end. In the beginning, in the middle and in the end. This story brought tears to my eyes. Not an immediate thought of a person in my life like this, but perhaps there is. Good for you! Happy Christmas!

  5. That is what I call a REAL Christmas Gift. Enjoy The Winter Solstice my friend!

  6. I echo what the other commenters have said, WWW.
    A lovely experience for the Winter Solstice - knowing that light will return, and in more ways than the literal. :-)

  7. Nora:
    I think especially for me :)
    I don't normally risk like that, I'm very protective of myself. (Almighty fear of rejection) but I think now and again I need to feel the fear and do it anyway :)
    Yes, and you too my dear!
    Welcome and thank you so much and PLEASE update your blog :)
    Oh I am, and the stars over my house tonight? Solstice arrived bearing gifts. I ne'er seen the like!
    Yes my friend, the light has returned in so many ways, I wish you could see my stars tonight, you would be starstruck indeed!!

  8. Love always comes through when we let it, don't you think? Blessings to you and your friend, WWW.

  9. That was a grand thing you did there WWW. It takes a lot of character to do something like that.


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