Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Snivelling, Snarfling, Sorry Little Mess.

When yon skittery elusive microscopic bug bites, one succumbs. A bug that flies from hand to hand, hug to hug, kiss to kiss, public toilet seat handle to careless hand.

I am so cautious about picking up bugs. As usually they translate into "Brownkitis" as my blog friend Grannymar calls it. Bronchitis to the uninitiated. And me and Brownkitis have had a long and turbulent relationship and he refuses to divorce me. Far too fond of my body he is.

So here I am a bit of a mess, with last year's leftover cold relief in my achey body and my dog wondering why we hop from bed to desk to sofa like some drunken two year old.

The joints ping, the lungs sound like they could use a good turn in the tumble dryer. Ah, but the stomach holds up. Good ol' tums. Cast iron, as my mother would say.

And why am I posting all this?

Well as Friko commented yesterday:

Wouldn't it be sad if we couldn't let off steam here, in the company of the like-minded?

Is anybody listening to us otherwise? No, not likely.

Blame Friko.


  1. I haven't been caught by that bug yet this season. Knock on wood. I commiserate with you. I hope you get over it quickly and that you have some good cough medicine to really loosen things up. Take care of your achey body. XOX

  2. Oh! Shucks! - That's a nasty early winter dose of the lurgie you're having. Let us hope it will give you immunity for the rest of the season.

    Did you have a 'flu shot? And pneumonia shot?

    Hope you're soon feeling better, WWW.

  3. Sending bug free healing hugs across the pond. Brownkitis plagued my young life. Back then it was anything from two weeks to a month in bed and an even temperature. Back in the fifties? Even temperatures were unheard of in Ireland, since we had no central heating.

    Stay warm and feed the beast.

  4. Sorry you got bugged. Let off steam any time. It's nice to be needed. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. We're going on a cruise and I'm just hoping that I don't pick up a bug, as usually happens when I live my island paradise. I'm hoping the flu shot I got will protect me.
    You get better soon.

  6. Hubby brought home a paper about the uses of horseradish today. It includes this:

    "Extra Tip: Horseradish may ease bronchitis in adults. String thin slices of horseradish on a thread and tie the "necklace" around your neck. Wear the necklace overnight."

    It also tells how to make a horseradish syrup for the cough. Let me know if you want to try it AND can get horseradish "on the Rock" at this time of year.

    Meanwhile, get well.

  7. I scanned and posted the information on my webpage for you.

  8. WWW, count your blessings. If I had a dog, he would wonder if I am an Afghan/Iraq veteran just now. I seem to have however, escaped my annual tryst with the viral infection this year. No doubt due to the massive doses of antibiotics that were pumped into my system during and post surgery in September.

    All the best. Get well soon.

  9. Oh dear, that's a bad bit of luck. I hope the bug feels unwelcome very soon and skedaddles off elsewhere.

  10. Sorry you are reeling under the influence of the bug - hope you feel better soon.


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