Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who's Yer Daddy?

Like I've said before: if you want the news, turn off the news.

This is never more evident than in the illustration below, which shows our media concentrated in the hands of the very few.

Government and media by the corporations for the corporations.

And morons are still wondering why the Occupy Movement?

Wake up!

{click to enbiggen}


Thanks to my blogger friend Twilight here is a link to George Monbiot and his takedown of distorted and irresponsible journalism.


  1. I read in the Guardian at the weekend that people in the States who watch Fox News know less about current affairs than those who don't watch any news.

  2. Oh heck! I missed 2 posts of yours - been distracted by Christmas card writing, etc I guess. Hope you are over the worst of your bug by now, WWW?

    Won't go back to comment on the one about Christmas, but will say, here, that I'm not in the mood yet - not at all. Had to force myself to write cards and put a few festive bits and pieces around the walls etc. Too nostalgic, too close to tears really.

    Anyway - the press yes! Illusion, yes!
    Himself passed a link on to me earlier today on this very topic


  3. At least our public channels bring the news independently and are not owned and controlled by big companies. I refuse to watch CNN news, although that's supposed to be an informative news channel. I do know bullshit when I hear it.

  4. Frightening statistic. Certainly if you want to know what's really happening, you have to learn to read between the lines. And to assume the opposite of what you're being told.

  5. I think I keep up reasonably well on current events, and perhaps that's because I don't watch TV and therefore never see any of what those companies have to offer. I get my news from the New York Times, the BBC and NPR for the most part. Jerry reads the Financial Times, and we both read The Economist and the New Yorker. And various blogs. There isn't any one place that I find I can completely agree with -- I tend to be skeptical of all. But I think I know about as much as I am able to assimilate about what's happening.


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