Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tears Spring Unbidden

Some things just warm an old cynic's black heart, like these from yesterday:

In my favourite gorgeous wool shop, A Good Yarn, on Bates Hill, two youngish guys come in (all are young to me these days, notice that, elders out there? - cops are in preschool, doctors are in the playground, teachers are working on their ABCs) and request a $100 gift certificate each for their spouses. It stopped me in the midst of stroking some serious yarn from Cupids. Husbands notice their significant others KNIT? Husbands note that a hefty gift certificate from a yarn shop would be the BEST GIFT EVAH for a knitter? And these buddies were together doing this wondrous thing?

Tears spring unbidden.

Me to cashier (just out of diapers) at Sobey's : You must be so busy, but I bet you appreciate the money!
Cashier: Yeah, it sure helps me out, my last year in high school.
Me: So is my granddaughter, what are you planning?
Cashier: Well, I'm only 17 so planning a general year at MUN and then I'm looking at medical school.
Me: Wow, that's pretty long term and committed.
Cashier: Well my dad's in medical school, he's like a total role model for me.
Me: Your dad is in medical school????
Cashier: Well, he's very young, only 38 and just finished 20 years in the military.
Me: You must be so proud!
Cashier: He's one amazing human being, my dad. I would love to set up a medical practice with him.
Me: You will.

Tears spring unbidden.


  1. Yes, I notice too that I see much younger people everywhere. Particularly women!Some of them even have adopted me as grandpa. And I am not kidding you.

    Two great stories as usual. I can just picture that young girl wanting to go into practice with her father. What a dream!

  2. Hi Ramana on this cold Boxing Day in Newfoundland.
    Actually it was a young man at the grocery store!
    Ah elder status isn't too bad, we are considered wise by some (finally, lol!)
    Best of your season to you my friend.

  3. Hi WWW on a dull damp and windy day in Northern Ireland.

    How wonderful that the young man had such a father to emulate and follow.

  4. Nice! At Christmas dinner I sat across from three women of my daughter's generation sounding like comfortable old matrons, talking about knitting and sewing. Not ever having been into these activities, I was quite intrigued by their conversation.
    And Happy New Year's to you. Be sure to bundle up in your nice woolies!

  5. "all are young"....Indeed! I'm frequently commenting to Himself, when watching a TV drama or movie: "But that guy/gal isn't nearly old enough to be holding down THAT kind of position of responsibility!"
    Of course part of it, in the case of TV/movies is to draw in a younger audience I maybe it's not just the "elder syndrome" at work.

  6. You're turning out to be full of sentiment anyway. It must be because you hear heart warming stories. You are in the right places, WWW. Or very receptive.

  7. GM:
    Lucky indeed, more should be like him!
    Odd how that transposition takes place now and again, it has happened to me with young women talking of best methods of housework, to which I am an alien.
    Time for us to step back and give the young 'uns a turn, eh?
    I'm a softie underneath.
    So good to hear from you, missed your writing my dear!


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