Sunday, July 14, 2013


We trek along together,
Seniors. She and I.
She loves the irises.
Always has.

Sticks her nose in.
Asks me to do the same.
I oblige. She is pleased.
She's trained me well.

See, she's easy to please.
I just have to get up.
And she's joyful.
Bounding to greet the day.

Every day is her birthday.
Mine too. When she's in it.
If only I were the kind of person
She thinks I am. Maybe.

Take a bow (wow)
My gorgeous girl.


  1. Oh my
    you make me smile this early morning.
    My Callie loves me so
    and she will never know
    how happy I am to have found her.
    Have a wonderful day
    and I will probably
    land in your spam
    once again :)

  2. Because we are loved and accepted unconditionally by our dogs, they make such great companions. Of course, they are very lovable creatures too and accept our love for them willingly. And we give so freely. Not at all like if they were human beings.

  3. And such a gorgeous girl she says, so noble looking. I'm too old now to have another dog, so love to hear about others' cherished pets.

  4. There's nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog.


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