Thursday, May 07, 2015

30 Days - Day 24

So yeah. 'Twas a day alright.

Editing. All 4 levels of editing. Other people's words chewing around in my brain. Only once four times did I bang my head off the keyboard.

Here are the different types of editing:

(1)Developmental, structural or substantive editing i.e the whole picture.

(2)Paragraph-Level Edit
Also called stylistic or line editing

(3)Sentence-Level Edit
Also called copyediting

(4)Word-Level Edit
Also called proofreading.

Nearly the whole day spent on two short stories. Editors earn their keep. Truly. I can't believe the amount of work. I think I edit others' work much better than I do my own. Too close to it. Lesson learned.

I am NOT an editor, but then again I was NOT a director nor a playwright nor a......

We never know until we try, do we?


  1. You nailed it! When I first started editing manuscripts - in the days before office and word functions - I had to use a green or a pink pen for some of my clients (eminent scientists) because they would go off in a huff seeing all that red. And went all the way back to school with silly excuses (I swear I did not write ti like that, must ahve been the secretary/printer/keyboard...).

  2. Yeah, Sabine, I plan in today's workshop to go over all that is entailed. It is HUGE! I love the pink and green story.

    Undervaluation of work is rampant here in a "volunteer" ridden society.


  3. And that is why I never clain to be a writer, just a blogger!

  4. I'm getting the new Economist style book. Don't care much for their politics but love their style, so to speak. I've done some editing, although I don't really enjoy the work.

  5. And editors aren’t even allowed to get lost in a story . . . .

  6. I'm constantly exasperated by books that haven't been properly edited - or edited at all. I wade through pages of repetitive verbosity and wonder why someone didn't cut out a good half of it. I gather many well-known authors are exempted from editing and the result is dreadful. I'm told the Harry Potter books got longer and longer for that reason. I'm glad you're taking the editing stage seriously.

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