Monday, May 11, 2015

30 days - Day 27

Daughter and I've been talking puppies, she's definitely going to add to her menagerie of one - Sam the cat - and I? I had the thought that Ansa might train a puppy. To ready me for the big When. No longer an If in my brain.

It's hard being apart from her at night but I am delighted she adapted so quickly to being downstairs all the time. Not so much her human companion in the adaptation department. I moved her main bed and waterbowl downstairs. The bedroom floor looks stark without her bits. And herself. Who would jump on my bed in the morning and wait for me to wake up, not moving a whisker. And put me to sleep at night by stretching out her whole body, back to back on the bed. I called that "Cuddlebunz" as we do with our own special words with our animals.

Her jumping is hit or miss now, but you should see her bound around the meadow in Puppy-Days-Are Here-Again mode. Breathtaking. And a great appetite. So no, she's not sick, she's just old.

Like her mama.


  1. I think you might be onto something. Ansa might enjoy the canine company, too.

  2. I always think pets like to have a companion around.

    Loved the music post as well - that was beautiful.

  3. She is a lovely dog. If trained correctly dogs can be wonderful companions.
    My dog , Emma is 15 and I once considered getting a puppy because when she dies I will be devastated but I am afraid Emma wouldn't understand the new puppy getting lots of attention and might feel jealous or hurt. I know some people don't think dogs are capable of those feelings but I think they are. Some dogs may like a new puppy around in their old age and be more than willing to train the little one.

  4. This old age lark is not for wimps. What about sharing a dog with Orla? Let the puppy learn to live with each of you in turn and it saves on kennel bills if one of you goes away.

  5. When our nine-year-old Yorkie came with cancer in several areas, we had him put to sleep. Then his eight-year-old "sibling" was miserable! We got a puppy within two months. That puppy turned the older dog into a puppy again. We have some fantastic videos of our "babysitter" dog not only tolerating, but enjoying her new companion. Since Ansa is older, your experience might be different. I do know of several instances of people doing exactly what you're suggesting--- getting a puppy when their dog is aging. Re the suggestion of jealousy--- our dog was so happy to have a companion of her own. Now, Three years later, it's interesting to watch how they show affection for each other.

  6. That is a tough one and I hope that you make the correct decision.

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