Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I'm frugal. Well, I have to be. Old age is not kind to women living alone existing/subsisting on a "fixed" income. Some months are better than others when projects result in a cheque. Like recently. But I don't go crazy with the windfall.

First thing: I phone my hair stylist, Bernice, and my podiatrist, Aaron.

One thing I won't stint on are my extremities. I've had enough experience with really bad haircuts to know that if I pay peanuts I will get a monkey-head. So I go to this lovely old house in St. John's and let Bernice work her magic on my multi-coloured hair (since you ask, grey, brown, streaks of blonde and a titch of red). She has never, ever pushed colouring or products on me and is a perfectionist when it comes to cutting.

And yes, Aaron takes care of my feet. He's from the Channel Islands and does a fine job on my tootsies.

'Tis a fine thing indeed to stroll around the city under a perfect 'do, knowing your feet can take you anywhere without complaining.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Ignored my feet for years - no more. Glad I found your blog...

  2. You know, I've never in my life had a pedicure (or manicure). I do paint my won nails, though. And I have been to a salon for a hair cut in years. I just wear it long - usually in a ponytail - and trim the ends once in a while.

  3. I will add my masseur to the two that you indulge in. The one hour of kneading me to take the kinks out of my system is amazing in its effectiveness.

  4. Ah yes! Why be frugal if you aren't going to spend money on what is important in your life. For me it is an occasional meal out and an appointment with my acupuncturist when I'm in Halifax.My hair - don't care! It is long, straight and white and does nothing to encourage money being spent on it. My feet I could be nicer to but no podiatrist here - that would be nice!

  5. With what I pay my hairdresser each month I could have a housekeeper or a gardner. Instead we do our own home chores and I have a well coiffed head of red hair that gets complements every where I go. Very few people come to our house to see what we do in yard and hearth.

  6. Same for my hair every 8 weeks
    and I cut my own - always have.
    Use curling iron 2 times a week
    short and curly best for this one.
    No manicures
    now someone in yard once a month
    remember I turned 80 recently.
    I like my own food
    and on special days
    out with my children.
    Thats about it
    on very low ss and no pension.
    But fine
    nothing I want
    just wish arthur would go away...

  7. I have to admit I take more care of my feet than I do with my face and I have my hair cut every five weeks. My feet do plenty of work, so I like to pamper them. Having the weight removed from my hair, saves me headaches and scaldy eyes!

  8. Stopping in to see what you are up to. I haven't been blogging in a while but like stopping by yours. As always....great writing and interesting topics.


  9. Little luxuries are important.I tend to neglect myself that way.


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