Saturday, July 18, 2015


There's something about good friends who come to stay.

Hard to define.

I've lost a fair whack of them in the last few years, so the remaining are very precious indeed.

So last night, just the sitting and chatting and sharing the "all-of-its" is better than a week at a spa with therapists hand and foot 24/7.

Ya know?


  1. So true. It's my turn next week to go and stay with good friend in Cornwall to help her post-op.

    There'll be a lot of sitting and chatting and (I've just discovered) her hope that I'll sort her garden out....bliss.

    Love and hugs to you. I've enjoyed catching up with you.

  2. So true. There is nothing like a good "old" (as in longtime) friend. New ones are great too, but seem fewer and further between, don't they?

  3. I do love sitting and chatting with friends. Although I wouldn't turn away a spa.

  4. Having lost friends since my twenties, and now having lost five people in two years, I completely concur and hope you have a wonderful time with your friends this week.

  5. Catching up with you. Friends and chat and sharing, blogiversaries and all! And thyme. :)

  6. Yes! Those that love us unabashedly are a balm to the soul. I got some of that when I went home to Nova Scotia for three weeks - especially from one group of women (self-called The Canadian Babes) who are always prepared to go deep.

  7. Oh yes. I don't have many friends living where I live now, having moved so often over the years, but the ones I do have are super-special. Also, my far-flung friends visit from time to time and I have been able to visit them, too.

  8. I know! Caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and told her she was better than seeing a therapist. It's even better when you have a string of days ~


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