Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rose Gardens

OK. Stand up those amongst us who were promised one?

Not me.

Certainly not me.

And not those I care about, for sure.

Such sad news today. From my former life in Ontario: One old friend died on the weekend, he visited me here in Newfoundland a few years back. Another old friend was taken to hospital by ambulance in the last few days and she is riddled with The Lad*. She was terrified of doctors and now it's all too late, it seems. Another is in palliative/hospice care with a few days left.

I write all this down so I can look at the reality of it. My back (due to that awful fall I had) is acting up and causing me some grief and I could list a few other "what-ails-me"s for you but I won't as it all seems trivial and there's nothing more boring than a blow-by-blow of someone's health challenges.

Especially when those she cares about are in various stages of terminal illness and she's not.

But then again, we're all terminal. Savour the days, my friends. We never know when our numbers are called.

*Anyone ever heard this terminology used for cancer? We used it in Ireland back in the day. Maybe still, who knows?


  1. I'm sorry to hear the sad news -- that's difficult. And you're right -- we all need to savor life and good (or even adequate) health while we have it.

  2. Never heard it called The Lad, nope.

    You are going through some rough and tough times lately. Sure wish I could be of some comfort. Does a big virtual hug make any damn difference? No? Didn't think so. But here's one anyway.


  3. So sorry to hear of all your friends moving "on." It's hard to know they are not nearby to call or write to, or that you might just see them around some corner one day.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this. I wish you comfort and peace for those who may be suffering. You are certainly right about loss and savoring our days.

  5. Sorry to hear the bad news ... my best wishes to all. Like you say, we know what lies ahead, so in the meantime may be appreciate what we have, not feel bad for what we've lost. Remember, even rose gardens have thorns.

  6. Maybe you're requiring too much of yourself if you expect to be washed with the appreciative glow of the life you have when you hurt and have been dealt such blows. I wish you moments when you can wallow or bellow at the pain, both physical and emotional. I wish you other moments such as those when a ridiculously fuzzy, crested fledgling lands on your windowsill, mama watching from a nearby nest.

  7. Take care Wise. I just read about your fall. Sorry you are hurting - both your back and for your friends. As my granddaughter once said "life's a bitch" - indeed but a walk by the water is also such a miracle isn't it? I am trying to make something out of nothing every day - the only answer as far as I can see.:-)

  8. I heard "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" over the sound system as I was buying fabric today, and I thought of you. True that a rose garden was not promised but that hasn't kept me from looking for one. It's so hard to lose friends, whether through death or distance or just life as it happens. Years ago an REM song was popular and the lyrics stayed with me: It's easier to leave than to be left behind. I think the best I can do is remember those I've lost and honor them by doing the best I can each day.


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