Thursday, July 16, 2015


....view last night from my front deck....

Antidote to what, you might ask? Well, life.

A friend has been making these posts about "What makes me happy today." So I thought to adapt it and use it myself. Focus on the good stuff. I felt the stress pile up again, too much on the platter at the moment. Too much bursting of bubbles too. I feel I was living in one for a while and now it's smashed wide open and I see my delusion, my tolerance and excuse making for some pretty nasty behaviour exhibited towards me. And while there's freedom in that awakening, there's also grieving. We only truly grieve broken dreams, I believe. I don't like waking up to reality but once I'm through a few days of it there's a wonderful freedom in the untethering of expectations.

So here's my happies for today:

I was gifted with a whole evening to myself. A meeting was cancelled as we didn't have a quorum.

I found a pot of thyme. You need to know how much I adore thyme and can never, ever find it in Newfoundland. I found a wee pot today. It is sitting in my kitchen window as if we have sun.

I planned out the menus for friends who are arriving to stay for a while. I love planning menus and looking at well used recipes. One of the friends can't tolerate garlic or onions so I enjoyed the challenge of leaving my very favourite ingredients out of things and substituting (lime anyone?)

I hung some pictures, I don't know why I haven't hung them here before as they all have meaning.

And while I was hanging them, I thought: why aren't you hanging your own pictures? So I'll get a few blown up and framed. That will make me even happier, seeing my own work on my walls.


  1. Sounds like you came to terms with it. Our days are not always great but there is always great in our day.

  2. I enjoy knowing that you enjoy watching the moonrise over the water from your deck,as I do,though over a different ocean. Projects keep me going,too. Sorry to hear that people at giving you grief,but sounds as if you have the means to overcome their negativity.

  3. That's quite a view you have there! Beautiful!!

    Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  4. I wish you had a "like" button with your blog entries. I haven't said much, but I do like reading your blog. I've spent a couple of hours this morning weeding, and trimming back the trumpet vine that sends sprouts and tendrils too close to the house. I feel happy when I am working outdoors, and when I come, I feel happier because I've been out in the fresh air and and getting something accomplished, --even though it's not enough.

    Sorry about your sadness, but glad to know that you're looking for happy that will replace the grief. Nancy

  5. Sorry to know you've had more stresses, but you are a smart and resilient woman, which is why you can be happy and why I enjoy coming here to read. I hope you have fun with your guests and I love the view.

  6. I like this idea! I think when we make a conscious effort to remember the good it cuts a new neural path that we can find easier next time. The other day we found out that my fella won't be getting his job at the college back. He lost it to an applicant who is willing to work for less (woe to them when they try surviving here in Labrador on a pittance). We had sort of expected it but bad news can never be buffered by expecting it. Think we should know that. Any way, later that evening the fella leapt to his feet and said "Wow - look at that!" It was a pillar of rainbow reflecting on the mountains across the water. Stunning. We ran to the beach (in front of our house) and took pictures and gave it homage. It reminded us once again what is important. Yay nature!

  7. No thyme in Newfoundland?! I assume you mean live, either that or the preference is for bland food.

  8. "We only truly grieve broken dreams." An interesting thought, and I think you're right there. Broken dreams, whether of the ideal friend, the ideal job, the ideal home, or whatever, do cause a lot of lingering disappointment and heartache. But as you say, focusing on what makes you happy is a good antidote to those sad feelings.

    Yes indeed, hang your own pictures and keep reminding yourself of your skill with a camera.

  9. Thank you! I moved here exactly one year ago and still have pictures stashed in my bedroom and the guest room. Why haven't I hung them up? I love them all, but still they lurk, unloved and ignored. So tomorrow I shall get them out, dust them off and hang them where I can enjoy them once more.

  10. The attitude of gratitude wins, every time, and with your wee pot of thyme, it will happen more,

  11. I frequently do this exercise in my mind. I think it grounds me and reminds me of all the good in my life.

  12. Looking for the happy ~ there is always something if I just look for it. Do hang your photos. I thought of this post when I was in my laundry room yesterday, where I have many 5x7 photos in simple frames of close-ups of flowers I've grown over the years. Love the color and the memories ~


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