Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gratitude - Day 4

Sunset on the Bay - 2009

I'm decidedly weird when it comes to my health. When symptoms are serious, I toss it off, when mild I obsess. A rare headache is a brain tumour, problems with my feet are definitely malignant melanoma, maybe gout if I'm lucky, or worst case scenario: amputation of the entire leg due to (take your pick)gangrene, undetected aforementioned melanoma (it happened to my mother)or blood clots everywhere.

(1)I trot off to my podiatrist yesterday, self-diagnosed from all my toes hurting, particularly in bed, unbelievably so in socks. Fully expecting any of the diagnoses featured above, in flashing lights. I had to say pardon? when he shook his head and said "Seriously dry skin," and bumped up the strength of my foot cream.

(2) I was going blind a few weeks ago, thinking white cane, home for the blind, too old for a guide dog?, loss of licence, friends, lonely in a one roomed hovel because of tripping over everything around me, rationed down to audio books and a 2 hour a day helper to wash me and ensure I hadn't set fire to myself or my hovel. I took the bit between my teeth and checked in with my optometrist who told me that my eyes hadn't changed in 8 years, I still had good eyesight. But my gawd my eyes were dry I must be rubbing them all the time and causing blurry vision, how uncomfortable for me and handed me a bottle of drops to use.

Yeah, a heavy duty foot cream and a bottle of eye drops.


And so very grateful.


  1. Well. Feet, toes hurting, particularly in bed, seriously dry skin. Has anyone tested you for Diabetes 2?

    Going blind. Also, diabetes 2, or, Cataracts? Optometrists often don't know how to look for symptoms of either. Need to see an ophthalmologist.

  2. Laughing and hoping the minor stay that way...

  3. Two extremely important things to be very grateful for indeed.

  4. right there with you :)
    tooth just pulled
    and now bladder infection
    so where does it end?
    son says
    aging body
    and I say thanks.,,

  5. I am a freelance medical editor/writer. Every time I read a paper (I work on clinical research studies), I am positive I have that illness...sometimes you just have to laugh!

  6. I love love love the sunset photo. Wonderful colours.

    It used to be you just had to live (or die) with whatever disability aging brought on, now we have all manner of diagnoses and treatments involving much time spent in medical waitrooms. I hope excessive dryness is all it is.

  7. I think most of us imagine the worst possible diagnosis for our symptoms, and are pleasantly surprised when it turns out to be something extremely trivial. I've had terminal cancer at least a dozen times, according to my fevered self-diagnosis.

  8. Oh, yes - me all the way! World's worst hypochondriac. I've had terminal cancer more times than Nick; prostate's in dire straits; every attack of pins and needles is an imminent cardiac arrest; forget a word or name and its dementia onset.
    Anyone out there who's NOT a hypochondriac?

  9. I love your satire – at least I think it’s satire! I feel as though we share some of the same afflictions, or at least the self-diagnosed afflictions. It must be something in our age, or our water, or maybe it’s in our wine! It's good to know that you do not have a serious illness and you are still healthy and vibrant! Keep writing! It keeps you young at heart.

    Jacquelyn Hart @ Find Clarity Vision Clayton


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