Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Words for Wednesday on Tuesday

Words for Wednesday coming from Elephant's Child. I'm finding it a lot of fun.

Here are the words:

1. transparent*
2. solve*
3. theory*
4. loot*
5. take*
6. wing*

1. demonstrate*
2. graduate*
3. justify*
4. strain*
5. stain*
6. blackmail *

Here's my wee story using all the words:

He thought the blackmail was justified. She had been so transparent in her cheating at graduate school. He had solved the problematic wing theory only to discover she had looted his idea and then demonstrated, complete with viral strains and glass stains, his solution. He was going to enjoy taking her down. Publicly. He had the proof.


  1. I do hope that she doesn't slide out from under the pressure and triumph.
    What an economical (and wonderful) use of the prompts.

  2. It is a wee story, just one paragraph but quite good. Made me wonder what he will do to her and what is wing theory, viral strains and glass stains.

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  4. OOooooh, good one! -Kate

  5. That’s a pretty intriguing story you concocted with those words in so few sentences.

  6. Well done -- and I wonder too, what is the wing theory ;)

  7. I tried to come up with something and gave up. Just shows how more creative you are than I am!

  8. I have no idea what a wing theory is but damn it sounds legitimate :)



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