Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Words for Wednesday

Courtesy of Elephant's Child, I thought I'd post the words for Wednesday:

1. peel
2. justify
3. wall
4. employee
5. temperature
6. roll

1. volume
2. revenge
3. fraud
4. explain
5. weak
6. vague

And then tell you the wee story I created using all the words:

She justified the skin peels even facing the wall of disapproval from her fellow employees who could barely contain their eye-rolls.

When she walked back into the office after her treatments the temperature became colder, the volume of discourse weakened as they all stared.

She didn’t think it necessary to explain how vaguely youthful she felt afterwards even though she knew the treatments were all a fraud.

But one of these days, she would exact her revenge. Just wait and see.


  1. Fun use of the challenge words. (Chemical peels scare me!)

  2. That's a nice story using all those words. Very creative.

  3. You are a wordsmith! You use all the words and turn it into a story. Having no writing talent I am amazed.

  4. Well written story. It left med wondering just what her revenge will be.

  5. Like Uglemore I am wondering about her revenge. And worried that my face is going to peel (of its own accord).

  6. Clever, WWW! I'd never have thought of skin peels, my mind went straight to rolls of wallpaper, and a very boring scenario. :)

  7. Now you'll have to tell us how she exacted her revenge....

  8. That was good! A great idea to use words like that - and everyone finds different uses for the words. I would never have thought of skin peel - my first thought when I read the words was orange peel (how boring my story would be!).

  9. Thanks for all YOUR words, much appreciated.


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