Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Words for Wednesday - February 2019

This month's Words for Wednesday is being hosted by River.. Please go visit her and if you feel like participating, please do so. And enjoy the other entries which will be linked in the comments on her blog.

This week's words are:

1. consternation*
2. tourist*
3. attached*
4. fresh*
5. specific*
6. memory*


1. advantages*
2. amount*
3. spray*
4. reef*
5. ouch*
6. living*

There was consternation after she made the announcement. Her adult children, her adult grandchild even, discouraging and resistant to her plans.

"I am no longer attached," she said in her best teacher voice (brooking no arguments) as they all sat around the kitchen table, "To this family home. Your father has been dead for five years now. It is time for me to make fresh memories, my own specific memories."

They started yelling at her all at once, she could only make out words like "living" and "ouch" and "dementia assessment".

"Stop it!" she said sharply, banging her old wooden spoon off the table. "I am selling the house. I need the amount of cash it will raise. I am of sound mind and body even though I'm 78 years old. And yes, I want to see the Great Barrier Reef before I die. I wish to see the water spraying over Niagara Falls, and Patagonia has the advantage of being at the southern tip of South America and needs to be seen too. And Paris of course. And another thing, I am doing this alone. A solitary tourist. I've always wanted to travel alone. I don't need anyone's permission. It's my time now. So there!"


  1. So there! indeed. I love this. I want to be her. If only I had a house to sell..
    I can well imagine the consternation she caused, but I can also imagine them loving hearing all her stories after each adventure.

  2. Just do it! Way too few persons really dare outlive their dream, off you go, granny!

  3. That's a cute story. And I don't blame the woman for wanting to see the world.

  4. I like her strong will, feisty as elephant's child puts it.

    have a lovely day.


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