Sunday, April 19, 2009


I took this picture in June of 2006 in the little town of Brigus in Newfoundland. It was raining that day and I loved how the moisture laden light gave an almost ethereal look to this garden with the colourful Muskoka chairs. That same day I wrote a poem about the chairs. I also use the picture as my avatar - I really don't know why - maybe it is the fact I'm always open for anyone to pull their chair up and enjoy a good conversation or sit in silence and bide-a-while.


Today it was like this.
They hovered
On the flagstones
Sighing sibilantly
Before sinking stolidly
Onto serpentine seats
Their satisfaction
Spiralling smokily
Into the garden silence.
Strong black laden trays
Swooping amongst them,
Mocking the gaudy colours
Of the solid Muskokas
That Leona had painted
One wild summer
Before they harnessed
Her spirit and bled her
Away and electrified
Her into a Mrs. Kirby
With six children
Somewhere in Slane.
No one had ever thought
To leach the chairs back
To a woodly state of being.
No one had ever thought
To ask after Leona Kirby.


  1. I often looked at your avatar and wondered about the story behind it.

    Thanks of sharing it and the poem.

  2. I too, have wondered about the story behind the avatar.
    The blessing is in the poem.

  3. An avatar as beautiful as that deserves a poem as beautiful as that. You are a true writer, WWW. How many other hidden talents do you have? You are a good photographer, maybe you should place more of your photos on the blog.


  4. Here next to Muskoka we give the chair its proper name i.e the Adirondack chair.

  5. I'm imagining different people sitting on the chairs with personalities appropriate to the colours....


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