Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cry Me A River

Only 1000 copies of this charity recording by Susan Boyle were made in 1999 for a local Scottish newspaper The Daily Record. I guess they'd better start pressing, oh, maybe a few million more?

Goose bumps. Stunning.


  1. Super fantastic! Why did no one realize the talent of this woman? It's so obvious!

  2. It's so cool that this woman is receiving such attention.

  3. Several people have told her to resist demands for a celeb-style makeover. Will she be able to? I hope so, she should stay exactly the way she is and screw the fashionistas.

  4. This is wonderful WWW - I came across it yesterday. It shows her versatility doesn't it? She'd make a geat jazz singer, there's a good jazzy feel to this (Himself, a jazz afficionado, agrees). It'd be a good genre for her because jazz singers are not expected to be Barbie doll like characters - think Ella, Sarah, and many others. But for the purposes of the talent show she'll probably stick with show songs, as they please more people. She may prefer them too, of course. I read somewhere that her next song will be "Whistle Down The Wind" (another show song).

  5. A most refreshing turn-up for the books.

    I think she should have the makeover/start an exercise regime but just not take it too far (ie cosmetic surgery!). I think we should all endeavour to at least become the GTi versions of ourselves.

  6. She is amazing! I watched the You-Tube of her Britain's Got Talent appearance and was just blown away! I hope that whatever the outcome of the show, she gets a singing contract out of it!


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