Sunday, April 12, 2009

Never Judge a Book, etc.

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Was there ever a better example of sceptics, mockers and jeerers being completely overawed by the incredible voice of this 'ordinary, middle-aged' woman than last night on Britain's Got Talent?

Yay Susan Boyle! Your future looks extraordinary, your horizons are boundless!

I dreamed a dream. Indeed.

H/T Shakesville


  1. That was the most wonderful awe inspiring thing I have seen in a very long time. She was absolutely great! I wonder what happens to her next? World fame, I hope!

  2. The smirks in the audience before she sang were sad to see, terrible that we think we have the right to judge people that way. Wonderful voice, great courage, I truly hope she has the last laugh.

  3. This is why I adore talent shows, WWW! Once in a while they find a diamond.

    What a lovely lady!

    What ignorance on the part of the judges, smirking and cynical as they often are - and even more so here. But then I'd expect no less from Cowell and Morgan having seen them in action frequently on TV over here in the US. They are an embarrassment to me as a fellow Brit.

  4. Can't get the sound on the clip. I'll try again later.

  5. Sound now fixed. What an incredible voice! And what an object lesson in how misleading our tired old stereotypes can be. She certainly deserves a glittering future now her talent is there for all to see.

  6. What a voice!

    Thank you WWW for linking us to it.

  7. Thank you for that....habitually ignore "reality" TV and talent shows...excuse me,the screen's all blurry! I thought of Kathleen Ferrier and how she was discovered...different type of voice! Lady Magoie was dragged in to watch and said.."A Kathleen Ferrier moment!"
    Give that audience it's soon as she had sung her first note...they knew!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  8. We are so quick to judge, and often by appearance.
    Thank you for putting a terrific lady with a glorious voice on. I wouldn't have seen it without you.


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