Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mary Molloy Todd MacKay 1917-2009

I loved her. She was who I wanted to be when I grew up. Wise. Artistic. Kind. Opinionated. Well Read. And downright sexy.

She died tonight. It was time. Her mind was sharp. Her body not so much. She did it quietly. Turned her face to the wall. And left us. Richer.

I am so struck by how she looked as a child and how she looked the last time I saw her in May and had the foresight to take a picture. The same intelligent,direct gaze. The same gorgeous hair.

I am so glad I wrote the following for her on her birthday this year and sent it to her. She loved it. And showed it to her friends. I could tell her anything. And she would tell me stuff she couldn't tell her daughters.

Sleep with the angels, my dear friend. You were so loved.

A Tribute to Mary Molloy Todd MacKay on the occasion of her 92nd Birthday.

The facts were this:
Born 1917, Donegal, Ireland.
Emigrated Canada, 1921.
Married twice.
Children two.

Unwritten was this:
Handsome, intelligent.
An artist, a reader.
A seamstress, a raconteur.
Elegant conversationalist.
Lover of fine food and opera,
Opinions on life and love were
Well thought out, sympathetic.
And sometimes argumentative
But never cruel. Shy (but why?)
Humourous, mischievous.
And still counts her numbers in Irish.

And this may surprise you:
She harboured a dream.
Of wearing top hat, glitter vest
And black satin shorts.
While dancing in fishnet stockings
On shimmering high heels.


  1. Sounds like she was one heck of a woman, may she rest in peace.

  2. oh we love women, don't we? their (our) strength, their dreams. these are wonderful pictures. i am sorry for your loss. what a life, what a dream.

  3. More sincere condolences, WWW. You lost yet another friend, but at least this one had lived a very full life. The loss for those left behind is no less sad for that though.

    I hope that she is doing her glittery celestial dance right now - shimmering high heels an' all.
    Look up on the next clear night.

  4. What a lovely tribute to a doughty woman. And what a wonderful image that dream conjures up.

  5. A great tribute to a well loved friend.

    I am sure she is now wearing top hat, glitter vest and black satin shorts dancing in fishnet stockings on shimmering high heels on her way through the pearly gates.

  6. How wonderful that she got to read your tribute. So often we don't praise the people we love until after they are gone.

  7. A second mother to you by the sound of it. Rare creatures indeed! RIP Mary

  8. Oh this is so lovely and I'm so glad I found your blog so worthy of my time.

    Dorothy from grammology


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